Walk a Mile on My Shoes!

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Fevereiro 14th, 2010

Portugal famous Calçada Portuguesa (portuguese sidewalk which is paved with stones of irregular shape drawing unique patterns) became a traditional touristic postcard and a cultural expression of the beauty of our cities.
This is lovely but … Talk about irregularity!

Are you familiar with the expression “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”? Now try adapting it to “Walk a Mile on HIGH HEELS on The CALÇADA PORTUGUESA”.

Portuguese traditional town centers, have sidewalks that, ironically, are not for walking. At least wearing heels!

They are true works of art for us to step in but, let’s face it, not very practical for heels. Can you imagine getting stuck with your heel on two pavement stones? Portuguese women (that walk every day over true pavement sculptures – chic ain’t it?) can!

Nevertheless the elegance and the high heels in Portuguese Women’ Style is still a strong presence. But it does give you something to think about: are urban tradition & women’s elegance opposites? Is urban tradition and heels height unmatchable? Is Calçada Portuguesa a “High Heels Free Zone”?

On a more contemporary way, Portuguese women, lovers of new technologies, created a new Facebook Group to fight against the Calçada Portuguesa, and defend their right to wear High Heels on the streets.

But … you can see it on other way. The Portuguese Sidewalks are truly trendsetters. Aesthetically defiant literally takes you to new places when it comes to revolutionizing your wardrobe choices (like being comfortable and still fashionable). It sets a new paradigm of elegance and style.

Bold are those who venture themselves out there on high heels.

Hats off to those Portuguese Women who can pull it off!

… and This is Reality


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