Miradouros. Lisbon on another perspective

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junho 15th, 2010

Summer arrives and Lisbon fills itself with sights, light and people that reveal bodies (trained all winter for it), smiles and a lot of style. On a city with such a river front centrality, the Miradouros are the highlight of this summer city. But what is a Miradouro? It is a square, a garden, or a wider area on the sidewalk, that is located on a high point of the city and that allows to see a magnificent view over the city and the landscape. It’s almost a belvedere, but it is so Portuguese that we preferred not to translate it.

Many of Miradouros were regenerated recently, and are nowadays privileged places in old part of town. Talking, sun bathing, relaxing, reading a book or just meeting with friends in cafes, terraces or gardens are just a few of the many activities that on these hot summer days and nights, many of us prefer to do on these places.

But Miradouros are very special places that turn on a One of a Kind European Capital. Some have little terraces, others are more popular and have bigger cafes, but all have one thing in common: allowing to look at the city from above, sitting comfortably on a terrace and enjoy one of the best things of Lisbon, its hills and urban landscape, always with Tagus River in the end.

But the most popular aspect of Miradouros are the terraces. All the major Miradouros have a place where one can have a coffee and look at the city enjoying the sunset light and colors. Here are three suggestions for those who are coming to Lisbon.

When facing the river, you have a little gate on the left side of the garden area, get in and go down the stairs and you’ll be in Noobai Cafe. This is the underground Miradouro of Lisbon. You can find old hippies, that now have children, the Bairro Alto fauna, but during daytime, and not so young ones, but alternative yuppies. Un oasis in the middle of the city where you can drink a perfect caipirinha and eat exquisite and refined chicken avocado toasts.

The next Miradouro is the well known and very famous Miradouro da Graca. Since the 90s, here is opened one of the hippest late afternoon summer drink hotspots. Intellectuals, connoisseurs and some young and older artists gather here from 14.00 to 02.00 to enjoy one evolving city at their feet. From mid day Sunlight to min night Moonlight, the view from Miradouro da Graca’s terrace is astonishing!

The third and last Miradouro that we highlight here is the very much unknown Miradouro do Jardim do Boto. Just behind the Sao Vicente de Fora Convent, and beside Santa Clara market, this just remodeled Miradouro has its strongest element the proximity of the National Pantheon and the Alfama and Tagus river landscape. There you can find a new small terrace to enjoy this national monument and the (omnipresent) Tagus river.

Three very different Miradouros, that look the city on different perspectives, but that all have one thing in common: Lisbon, the City of the Hills and Tagus River in all its charm and uniqueness.

Miradouros are the hotspot of summer late afternoons in Lisbon!

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 Springtime in Lisbon

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 10th, 2010

The shops, the people, the public gardens and mostly the streets gain a new life when the spring time arrives to the city. Spring is here and we like it!

I believe that in every city in the world Spring turns cities merrier and with it’s life throbbing from everywhere, but in Lisbon we do have something that no other city has: a combination of factors that turns this European Capital Unique!

I’ll explain … The fact that we have many kms of beautiful white sanded beaches just besides the city center, the fact that we have the widest river estuary in Europe – the river Tagus at Lisbon area, in certain points, reaches 22 km wide – and the fact that all the city is developed on hills (allowing you to always have a view over the city and the river), makes Lisbon a unique place to witness the change of Winter into Spring.

And one more aspect makes all these aspects special – Lisbon’s White Light. Antonio Tabucchi (an Italian writer) called Lisbon “The White City”. He even wrote a novel under this title, and a film was made from it (Love the film by the way …).

More unique than any monument, any neighbourhood, any place or cafè, any pastery or delicatessen, any garden or person is Lisbon’s White Light. The sun is our major ally on diferenciating our city from the others. Lisbon (as I usually say to my foreign friends) is the only capital city in Europe, where you can live with all the commodities and all the cultural benifits of a European Capital, and at the same time have the white sunny light of far away and exotic hot beaches. Better even… you have those beaches on a 20 min ride from Lisbon center!

Want better? Imagine better situation than living on a major European Capital with wonderful beaches at you door step? And with lots of hot sun to go with it?

OK … one last metaphor: cross Rio de Janeiro beach mood with historical heritage of Rome and the nice, alternative and civilized mood of Barcelona… and you’ll have – LISBON!

Now do you understand why Spring in Lisbon is Special?

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