Fuencarral, the 1000 styles street in Madrid

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 21st, 2010

My favourite area in Madrid is Fuencarral street. My whole world is there: shopping, pleasant surroundings, good stores, the best clothes, the latest styles, the most advanced trends, and the best friends… who are lucky to live in that zone, in old houses adapted to the top styles nowadays.

When I enter to Fuencarral street from Gran Via, another of the most special streets in Madrid, it’s like entering into a new world in another city. Beside it’s Chueca, slightly above it’s Tribunal, and if you continue walking thru, you will find Malasana. Three neighbourhoods where life is different, music changes, the bars and the atmosphere are as cosmopolitan as you could imagine.

Lucky me, Fuencarral had just been set only for pedestrians, and now you don’t have to walk through the little sidewalk, where on rush days you had to walk dodging everyone. The street ever had looked as beautiful as now…

At the moment, everything looks more beautiful. With this change, the stores seems as new, and the few cafes or restaurants that are at the beginning of the street are now more visible. But if you wish to take a coffee or something like that, after a good shopping evening, I recommend you going to Malasana (if you like an offhand plan) or going to Chueca (if you are looking for a modern plan).

After visiting the stores of this street, you have to stop at Mercado de Fuencarral. At the moment, it’s different from the past, but there are a lot of stores inside, offering the trendiest clothes of the new season. You can find everything: complements, T shirts, dresses, sweatshirts… and shoes! There are special reserved spaces with all the models.

Just before the market, walking up from Gran Via, we have a little square where we can take a coffee after a hard shopping evening. But, in the rush days, it’s like an impossible mission.

Your clothing style doesn’t mind at all. Fuencarral has from Hip Hop clothes and japanese trends, passing through laylike fashion, that I personally love, Indie style (perfect for the concerts I use to go), and if you want to dress more stylish, you can, because there is no one ruling style, everything is mixed.

I remember have seen the most striking styles in this street. My favourite was a woman with pink dyed hair who looked good with her dressing style. She looked very good. I don’t know how she did yet. A mistery.

That’s the magic of Fuencarral, where everyone is unique and special. You have to go!



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