New perspectives on street style

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 27th, 2010

I can’t understand why Barcelona seems to be so uninspiring for fashion bloggers…New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Helsinki or Copenhagen provide most of the street style online but only a few great photographers are willing to captivate with their cameras the sense of style of one of the best cities in the world. Does this mean that there’s nothing worth to see in the streets of Barcelona? I’m here to prove this is wrong and trendycrew, one of my favorite blogs in this field is here to back me up.

One of the things that I love the most about my hometown is that people who live here are zero pretentious in their way of wearing clothes; I can fairly say that the spirit of the city in terms of fashion is far away from trying to be the coolest place in the planet but you can smell freedom and freshness in our daily uniforms.

There’s nothing classy about Barcelona but it is chic and sophisticated in some way. Not in a French or an Italian way, nor so brandish or accurate, maybe the style is more spontaneous and natural, but still incredibly fashionable.

This city is all about foreign people who fall in love with our Mediterranean flair. People from Europe, Asia, America and Africa came here attracted by an inimitable urban way of life which translates in a particular trend, especially in neighborhoods like Raval, Barrio Gótico, Poble Nou and Born. The hippiest areas in the city.

Where fashion, culture and history meet and where everything’s going on. Where you can walk for hours and do your shopping in vintage stores, and where you can go out by night to have a drink or to a club.

This being said, Tatel from trendycrew take the most amazing photos from people in Barcelona. She has a sixth sense for good taste almost everywhere, but particularly in the city where she lives, as I do. She knows where to stand to take the best pictures and she offers the greatest perspective on outfits.

But why is she an exception? Anyone else out there who wants to show what is Barcelona made of?



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