Summer arrived…

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 4th, 2010

And me with a hat!Madrid seems like an oven. We’re in June and no one can walk comfortable through the streets without melting down. Termometers start being close to 30 Celsius degrees. Lucky us, we don’t know how are 40 degrees yet, this fact is terrible just thinking about how to wear. Everyday I wake up to go to the University, and I think what can I wear to avoid arriving home stressed because of the hot weather.

In this moment, I don’t care about my look. I only see a clear fact: me and my hat to the end of the world. The hat is the most comfortable accessory for these summer days, also because I try to avoid any potential sunstroke on my long way to the University. At the same time, you’re avoiding the rays of the sun on the head, which produce headache, and you feel more fresh.

The point is how to combine it.

The choice could be a fine blouse, summer likely, to be fresh and comfortable at the same time. Soft blouse, warm and pastel colours, to combine with shorts in pink or mallow tones. And we must have a thin leather belt.

If we don’t want a blouse we can choose a top. For the vintage lovers this combination would be their favourite, the same like me. White crude top, necklace of your choice, in this look it’s better to be tiny more than opened. We combine it with a high waist shorts and printed flowers and we’ll have a perfect look.

Just add a little handbag complemented with several accessories, bracelet or necklaces, to have a fresh idea.

If I choose a top but I prefer something larger, to avoid short measures, sometimes I prefer a black pirate pants and a top, spotted or mini-flowers printed. To all of this I add a pretty vintage glasses and I get my look for other fresher days.

Even though, for the cooler days, specially at night, we’ll have to think in covering with a little jacket or, even better, with a flower printed jacket. We can combine it with high waist shorts, washed like blue and with a little top and a gorgeous necklace.

Do not forget giving an original touch to our tights and our feet too, with a beige colour peep toes.

At last, if we’re tired of the hat, we can forget it. Take a good number of globes and think fresh. I tested it but I didn’t succeed, but if anyone of you got it, tell us how you did. I wish to know this answer!



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