Spanish Voices

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 4th, 2010

I can’t avoid feeling identified with Russian Red. Young, on the latest fashion trends and, on top of that, sings great. Her song Cigarettes moves me because of her incredible voice and the melody so intimate. Furthermore, the story reminds me of a personal experience and it always makes me emotional listening to it.

The album I Love Your Glasses (2008, Eureka) is one of the most I’ve heard in recent years. It’s been two years since its publication and I’m still enjoying it like the first day. Thanks to it I discovered other types of Folk and Pop from Spanish artists.

Russian Red was the first to leap to fame and to sell no less than 30,000 copies of their debut album. Then came other names like Anni B Sweet or Alondra Bentley. Three artists who have rejuvenated the Spanish music scene through their songs.

Russian Red is Lourdes Hernandez, a 24 year old girl from Madrid who has never stopped in recent years, touring all over Spain. Anni B Sweet is a year younger and is aka of Ana Lopez, a girl from Malaga who has just published her first album, entitled Start, Restart, Undo (2009, Arindelle / Subterfuge).

The third is Alondra Bentley, who signs with her real name. Originally from Britain she is the eldest of the three. Active for many years, it was not until 2009 when I could hear her very warm debut album, Ashfield Avenue (2009, Absolute Beginners).

What I like about them is that natural style they have. The way to sing so intimate. Love songs that move and always with a careful style of dress. They are real trendsetters in their sector thanks to their great folk style with their tartan shirts and short, naive dresses.

I have seen all of them live and I am a big fan. Music, fashion and youth all in one. Can you ask for more? Yes, a song like I Feel Alive from Alondra Bentley. Precious.



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