Blogging about fashion in a minority language

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 17th, 2010

The other day I questioned about why is really difficult to find Spanish street style blogs on the internet, and today I have the same question about blogs in other languages, like catalan. Just for you to know, in Spain there are other official languages apart from Spanish: Euskera, Gallego, and Catalan (also we have some variations such Aranes, Balear, Valenciano).

A huge part of the textile industry in Spain is set on Cataluna, and also a big part of the most powerful designers and fashion labels on Spain are Catalan. For that reason, Barcelona is a wellknown trendsetter capital.

So why can’t I find bloggers who do it better in Catalan? I just found one pretty place where a girl named Laia (like me, typical Catalan name by the way) talks about fashion in this language. She doesn’t only write about local things, she also express herself about international events, designers, celebrities and curiosities with the same passion of someone who speaks for thousands of readers, but trough a particular way.

Maybe she doesn’t receive visits at all (except for mine, I guess…) she’s sailing alone, but she puts in there all of her free time and passion. It is strange to read about fashion with no English, French, Italian or Spanish words. But isn’t it equally worthy?

I celebrate this kind of things. I celebrate that blogging about something you love, is not always about how many people is going to follow you. It’s about been able to create your own personal space no matter what’s your google rank is or how many comments you have in a row. Now, it’s your turn: do you know any fashion blogs wrote in no massive languages or dialects rarely spoke?



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 Made in Spain Adventureland

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 3rd, 2010

Those summer weekends when I just lack of plans, my best thing to do in Barcelona is going to the Tibidabo, the closest thing we have to an amusement park. It isn’t a technologically sophisticated and ultramodern one, but an old style kind, close to the ones you can find in California, like Santa Cruz or Santa Monica, but in a Spanish style. Without hot dogs and caramel popcorn, but with cañas and tapas. It’s not in front of the sea but close to heaven.

The perfect route on a lazy Saturday starts on the Tranvia blau. An historic tramway you can grab if you’re not in a hurry and you want to enjoy the rise of one of the two hills that surround the city. Once up in the mount, which gives name to the park, the tram turns into a cable car beautifully customized with local graffitis and practically hidden by nature.

But let me tell you that first we must stop for a drink (a cocktail or is it too soon?) at a bar named Mirablau: it has the most amazing view over Barcelona. From there you can see all the emblematic places of the city; the port, the Sagrada Familia, the Parc Guell and even the Camp Nou!

Almost as incredible as the view you can enjoy in some of the attractions of the Tibidabo. The whole point of the funfair thing here isn’t the rush of a rollercoaster (which… by the way… you’re not going to find, this is not Six Flags) but maybe the fear of heights… particularly when it comes to Atalaia. A legendary attraction made by two opposite giant baskets similar to the ones of an aerostatic balloon which slowly spins like the hour hand on a clock.

Eventually the one that I like the most is the big wheel, so quiet, calm and even romantic… In these days where it seems like only thrilling sensations can make us feel alive, the most extraordinary thing to do is relaxing. And Tibidabo is all about that. All about forgetting stress, all about perspective, and all about remembering the good times.

Especially when the sun goes down…



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 New perspectives on street style

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 27th, 2010

I can’t understand why Barcelona seems to be so uninspiring for fashion bloggers…New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Helsinki or Copenhagen provide most of the street style online but only a few great photographers are willing to captivate with their cameras the sense of style of one of the best cities in the world. Does this mean that there’s nothing worth to see in the streets of Barcelona? I’m here to prove this is wrong and trendycrew, one of my favorite blogs in this field is here to back me up.

One of the things that I love the most about my hometown is that people who live here are zero pretentious in their way of wearing clothes; I can fairly say that the spirit of the city in terms of fashion is far away from trying to be the coolest place in the planet but you can smell freedom and freshness in our daily uniforms.

There’s nothing classy about Barcelona but it is chic and sophisticated in some way. Not in a French or an Italian way, nor so brandish or accurate, maybe the style is more spontaneous and natural, but still incredibly fashionable.

This city is all about foreign people who fall in love with our Mediterranean flair. People from Europe, Asia, America and Africa came here attracted by an inimitable urban way of life which translates in a particular trend, especially in neighborhoods like Raval, Barrio Gótico, Poble Nou and Born. The hippiest areas in the city.

Where fashion, culture and history meet and where everything’s going on. Where you can walk for hours and do your shopping in vintage stores, and where you can go out by night to have a drink or to a club.

This being said, Tatel from trendycrew take the most amazing photos from people in Barcelona. She has a sixth sense for good taste almost everywhere, but particularly in the city where she lives, as I do. She knows where to stand to take the best pictures and she offers the greatest perspective on outfits.

But why is she an exception? Anyone else out there who wants to show what is Barcelona made of?



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 Next Stop: Primavera Sound!

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 16th, 2010

I’ve bought a three days ticket to assist to Primavera Sound 2010, from May 27th to 29th in Barcelona. I’m counting out the days. It’s my favourite festival.

Just thinking about the festival’s guests I get dizzy. My loved Pavement are coming back, and with them will be The XX, the rising star band, The Fall, and the most international spanish, too: Delorean. This are only some examples. I’m thrilled and so nervous right now!… I don’t know how to wear!

I wanna go informal, but smart at the same time, because the festival is at the Barcelona Parc Forum, a place inside the city, with a very well kept enclosure, where everyone dress natty. It is the unique festival I have been in which I have seen heels higher than my own legs! Something crazy… People dress amazing to go, and I don’t want be less.

I like so much rebellious and casual style. A jeans will be in my bag for sure, and even if denim jackets are not so in fashion, I’ll pick one with a washed texture. It’s a very possible look for any day of the festival, complementing it with a silk scarf for protecting me from the cold nights, and a useful handbag to carry all my things. I have thousands!

Another idea I have is to wear stripes. With a beautiful mini-dress I’m going to be a reliable success, and who knows… maybe I’ll found a kind man who likes the music I like. Never close the doors… I’m going to look beautiful. With a socks until my kness and a pair of boots I’ll be striking.

But, if I feel the punk in me, I’m going to wear one of my extralarge Tshirts looking like a dress, and everybody is going to stop me. I’m going to give the best of myself at the festival. Primavera Sound, here I am!



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 Let’s come to Sonar!

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 13th, 2010

I was reading Jackie Dixon’s post about Lorenzo, a.k.a Plastic is Fantastic, and I cannot agree more with her vision: this boy is pure energy, vitality, positivity and rhythm… I guess, all this sparkle has something to do with his youngness, but I hope he never loses his tireless charm.

All about him makes me think about the next big festival coming to Barcelona next June 17th, 18th and 19th: the Sonar festival. If you love electronic music and avant-garde sounds, this is the place to be. Not only because of The Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Dizzie Rascal and more than 100 artists coming this year… mostly because the stage, at least by day, is an emblematic and modern corner of a city plenty of contrasts.

At the last festival edition, more than 75.000 people enjoyed the artistic programme which combines electronic headliners with hundreds of emerging artists and DJ’s representing the most updated music and new media trends. Sonar is the meeting point for a worldwide audience looking for the newest, as well as the professionals, looking for the right environment for business opportunities and networking. But the Sonar festival is also an enlightening visual experience which offers a huge variety of some of the best examples of digital art creation. Let’s say it works as an organization concerned with the cutting edge art, music and technology.

And we can’t forget fashion. Because, as I said, this is a place not only to be, although it’s to be seen. Personally, I’m working on it and I’m actually thinking about my bunch of outfits yet. I will dress denim shorts, that’s for sure.

And because I’m going to be standing during all day and night… flat shoes appear to be the best foot solution, don’t they?

This is the perfect time for not being scared of mixed and matched bracelets, necklaces and rings. The right time to build up an outstanding and unique style. Bring with you all the stuff you can pick up, handle, and wear it at the same time. There’s no place for discretion here, even if it’s dreadfully hot and you wish to wear only a bikini and a pair of flip flops…

Don’t you really love pieces like this? I absolutely felt in love with this hip hop star earrings in the Benetton photoshoot back in New York… and I want them all!!

Festivals like Sonar are also the place to try unbelieveable things like this fluorescent faux nails… I didn’t photograph my own hands with them on, they could become a dangerous weapon while you’re dancing or jumping… also, they could make impossible holding the glass correctly while you’re drinking, but I find them cool and super-disco-funk! Don’t you think?



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 Welcome to the Independent Republic of Las Ramblas

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 10th, 2010

Even if it is a cliche’, you’ve never been to Barcelona if you’ve never walked through Las Ramblas…It’s the most typical, controversial and effervescent street in Barcelona. It works as an independent part of the city. Las Ramblas is two different worlds by day and at night, like all the metropolis in the world. Under the spring sun its essence blooms and its uniqueness shines.

Tourists are mixed with citizens; foreigners with residents; human statues with people who run with no awareness of the outstanding stage… That’s why once a year I try to rediscover the oddity of this multicultural artery from the eyes of a new arrived, like if I were watching this particular mix and match for the first time.

My first stop, and the stop I recommend to everyone, is the Mercat de la Boqueria. A mess of people – a jungle sometimes – but a real grocery paradise where if you buy or not, it’s just a mindless detail. The important fact is to enter and explore the place. Your soul and your mind will try to understand the dynamics of the biggest food market in Spain and one of the most crowded in Europe.

Unhurried, even though the surroundings bustle, you’ll find out a place where you can eat, smell, drink, touch, watch, learn and be amazed at the same time.

All kind of fruits, candies, meats, vegetables seem to coexist in total peace, order and harmony.

After the visual festival of colours, you can taste a piece of the market in the most emblematic bar of the entire city: the Pinotxo, a small and always crammed spot. Juanito (the owner and a local celebrity) will personally look after your hunger. The fight over a seat is normal because of the delicious plates you’re going to taste, and you may even share space with Ferran Adria’ or Juan Mari Arzak, two of the most powerful chefs in the whole world, old friends of Juanito.

For the goodies turn the corner, walk up to the south and stop at Escriba’. An historical patisserie, where in these days you can enjoy looking at the Monas de Pascua.

Chocolate sculptures only suitable for the real greedy ones.



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