¡Bienvenidos al blog de Benetton en español!

by Be-Blogger España on: Mayo 8th, 2011

Me llamo Ariadna y soy la responsable del blog Fashionisima.es. Desde ahora, también estaré escribiendo el blog español del proyecto United blogs of Benetton y he pensado que, antes de empezar, estaría bien presentarme un poco…

Esta soy yo hace unos meses en la gala de los Prix Marie Claire y es que, como muchos bloggers, compagino mi pasión por internet con un empleo para pagar el alquiler y tengo la suerte de que mi sustento y mi afición se dan de la mano: trabajo en una revista de moda con lo que estoy todo el día pensando en “trapitos”, tendencias, celebrities e iconos fashion. En este blog intentaré abordar sujetos más variados, aunque no dudéis que la moda tendrá un puesto central. Espero que disfrutéis con la lectura y que no dejéis de dejar vuestras dudas o impresiones en los comentarios. ¡Hasta mañana!


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 Blogging about fashion in a minority language

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 17th, 2010

The other day I questioned about why is really difficult to find Spanish street style blogs on the internet, and today I have the same question about blogs in other languages, like catalan. Just for you to know, in Spain there are other official languages apart from Spanish: Euskera, Gallego, and Catalan (also we have some variations such Aranes, Balear, Valenciano).

A huge part of the textile industry in Spain is set on Cataluna, and also a big part of the most powerful designers and fashion labels on Spain are Catalan. For that reason, Barcelona is a wellknown trendsetter capital.

So why can’t I find bloggers who do it better in Catalan? I just found one pretty place where a girl named Laia (like me, typical Catalan name by the way) talks about fashion in this language. She doesn’t only write about local things, she also express herself about international events, designers, celebrities and curiosities with the same passion of someone who speaks for thousands of readers, but trough a particular way.

Maybe she doesn’t receive visits at all (except for mine, I guess…) she’s sailing alone, but she puts in there all of her free time and passion. It is strange to read about fashion with no English, French, Italian or Spanish words. But isn’t it equally worthy?

I celebrate this kind of things. I celebrate that blogging about something you love, is not always about how many people is going to follow you. It’s about been able to create your own personal space no matter what’s your google rank is or how many comments you have in a row. Now, it’s your turn: do you know any fashion blogs wrote in no massive languages or dialects rarely spoke?



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