Happy birthday, Gran Via

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 6th, 2010

It is one of the most emblematic places of Madrid, the Broadway of this city. It’s Gran Via, and this year is celebrating it’s 100th birthday. Although its official birthdate is on April 4, during all 2010 Madrid is celebrating a lot of events commemorating the Gran Via.

It is the street that never sleeps. A frantic way. A street constantly moving. Gran Via offers a whole world of opportunities. In its two kilometers, you can take a coffee, eat in any restaurant, enjoy the best musicals, theatres, cinemas, coffee shops and get lost in its amazing stores or simply take a picture in some of its mythical builings like the Capitol, at Callao square and the famous corner of Schweppes, one of the untouchable advertising icons of the capital of Spain.

Gran Via has been also the stage chosen by several spanish directors to shoot some sequences of their movies, like Alejandro Amenabar with Abre los Ojos, or Santiago Segura, hanging out from a modernist building on El dia de la bestia. Gran Via was the first witness of the movida madrilena, a famous social movement in the 80’s.

Because of its anniversary it has been celebrating various concerts: El Sueno de Morfeo, Nek, Shanon Corr, Georgina, Carlos Baute and Marta Sanchez or Alex Ubago have been the ones who rattled the young people of Madrid in an exceptional day, because, only for one day, the traffic was closed and all of us could walk through the roadway. Something unique and exceptional in a street full of life.

The street style are really diverse, because there are looks for every kind of taste. From stylist young people dressed with the current season trends like flower printed dresses, navy shirts or mini-shorts with spot tights, to the most punk styles with leggings, leather jackets and hats. A whole universe of fashion, where everyone dare with anything. And you, do you want to come to Gran Via?



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