Chulapa! For San Isidro in Madrid

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 24th, 2010

The former traditions of Spain are famous because of this fact… they’re former, specially in MadridOnce per year, on San Isidro day, we recover our most traditional style, and we dress up of chulapos and chulapas, the typical former dress of the city. It is one of the funniest weekends I have with my friends, dressed like a long time ago.

Retro or vintage styles are a simple photocopies of this. A transfer badly printed on us. We are the real chulapas from Madrid, and on San Isidro we are seen in the streets like our great-grandmothers did in the past, those who had a style. But it isn’t easy wearing a costume like that. Everything has a trick. There are variations on the look of a chulapa from Madrid.

The best costumes are those made for the event, like everything. Some time ago, me and my friends we decided making a custom according to our measures, because we don’t only wear it on San Isidro’s day, in the half of May, but on the Verbena de La Paloma, celebrated on August 15th, as well.

It is hopeless to think to the times when we were young and our mothers dressed us with this typical costumes. Nowadays, the story has changed, and for the best. Now we continue wearing them, but we decide our own party. In special, for La Paloma holidays, where there’s not a lot of people that meet in Madrid on summer because it’s very hot, and they go out to the streets to celebrate the party.

But, what is a chulapa from Madrid costume made of? Very easy. It is a set made of a tight spot skirt, designed to define the shape. It looks amazing. Then, we add a traditional scarf on the head, but knotted at the neck. White always, combined with a dress in red and white. A white blouse must be. And as a final detail: a red or white flower in the head.

But anybody thinks that this is reserved to the elderly… in a short time, being dressed of chulapa from Madrid will be the new trend. You will see, time to time. Designer Maria Escote has bet for this costumes at the Cibeles Fashion Week. Give out any of our costumes to Lady GaGa, you’ll see how she wear it. At the moment, I’m dressed with it and I’m going to dance a chotis (popular dance) and the GaGa’s made famous single Telephone at the same time. Nobody can say we don’t have art!



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