Go comfortable to sales

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Julio 1st, 2010

Sales have just landed in Madrid and I’m full of happiness thinking what new things I’m going to buy in my favourite shops and brands stores.
I have a list larger than Santa Claus‘s wishlist. I live at a 4th floor but it could touch down the street…
The bad thing is I’ll have to decide along this list what I want more and leave the rest for another occassion.

Sales are great, but we have to be ready. You need to dress like if you were going to a war, because you’ll have to look for clothes on shelves and racks on stores full of people and I’m not made of iron… I will get tired.
To the end of the day, after a long sales journey, I’m like a sport woman just arrived from the gym. It’s really important to wear comfortable.

The main point is feeling comfortable. Nothing of strained looks that are uncomfortable to stand with for a long time. A normal sweater is valid for a day. Better if it’s thinner, and it will look great combined with shorts.

Don’t think about heels, erase this idea from your mind. Leave them at home. Heels are uncomfortable. It’s better to go with a beautiful flat shoe, like a dancer shoe, nautical shoe or similar models. I love buckskin shoes, with tassels on the front and a attractive manly look.

We have to insist again on the thinner clothes we have on our wardrobes. Nothing can disturb you when you’re looking for clothes or when you’re in the fitting room.

A nice boilersuit with flowers printings will solve the problem of pulling off thousand of layers of clothes to prove a dress or a jeans. Better with less things. We lose less time. But a thin cardigan will be ok if the air conditioning of the stores is high.

And if we want to go comfortable and fashionable at the same time, we can choose a Victorian style shoes, simply, basic, that will avoid any inconvenience during all the day. A modern look combining it is our personal key. I like being striking.



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