The best summer friends

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 25th, 2010

They never has gone from our wardrobe. Even cold, rain, nor platforms shut them down. Dancer shoes or french shoes… also in Spain we have a lot of different names to call this kind of shoes. It’s a classic that is imposing one of the trends of the current season. They’re comfortable, nice and flat!, and this summer they’re on stage full of printings and a lot of really wonderful things.

Dancer shoes wear during all the year, a basic on our wardrobe, but if we have an special moment to show the models is the arrival of the hot summer. Leave the winter boots and put on this temporal and comfortable shoe. You have a different kind of dancer shoe for every look. Bet for the colour, for the animal and flower prints, for the crow’s foot or spots, and for the most original materials, like charol or buckskin.

If you like fashion but staying comfortable, choose a dancer shoes by day. I like more with a jeans to go a casual way, ideal to go shopping. Also choose them by night, with a braces mini-dress. The perfect look to show in a summer party, like this parties you won’t end until the morning. And why not, choose them to go to the beach. They combine fine with any style, from retro to smart looks.

Fashion designers show them up on fashion shows, and they introduce in their collections as an essential complement. There are a lot who uphold the feminity of the flat shoes. For example, Donna Karan has an open battle with Manolo Blahnik o Jimmy Choo, this ones lovers of the heel. And not only designers, celebrities join this trend too… Brigitte Bardot on the 50’s, Audrey Hepburn on the 60’s and Kate Moss on 2000 have been one of the most loyal followers. Now, they all wear it.

This summer say “I want” this comfortable, cheap and versatile shoe.



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