Welcome to the Independent Republic of Las Ramblas

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 10th, 2010

Even if it is a cliche’, you’ve never been to Barcelona if you’ve never walked through Las Ramblas…It’s the most typical, controversial and effervescent street in Barcelona. It works as an independent part of the city. Las Ramblas is two different worlds by day and at night, like all the metropolis in the world. Under the spring sun its essence blooms and its uniqueness shines.

Tourists are mixed with citizens; foreigners with residents; human statues with people who run with no awareness of the outstanding stage… That’s why once a year I try to rediscover the oddity of this multicultural artery from the eyes of a new arrived, like if I were watching this particular mix and match for the first time.

My first stop, and the stop I recommend to everyone, is the Mercat de la Boqueria. A mess of people – a jungle sometimes – but a real grocery paradise where if you buy or not, it’s just a mindless detail. The important fact is to enter and explore the place. Your soul and your mind will try to understand the dynamics of the biggest food market in Spain and one of the most crowded in Europe.

Unhurried, even though the surroundings bustle, you’ll find out a place where you can eat, smell, drink, touch, watch, learn and be amazed at the same time.

All kind of fruits, candies, meats, vegetables seem to coexist in total peace, order and harmony.

After the visual festival of colours, you can taste a piece of the market in the most emblematic bar of the entire city: the Pinotxo, a small and always crammed spot. Juanito (the owner and a local celebrity) will personally look after your hunger. The fight over a seat is normal because of the delicious plates you’re going to taste, and you may even share space with Ferran Adria’ or Juan Mari Arzak, two of the most powerful chefs in the whole world, old friends of Juanito.

For the goodies turn the corner, walk up to the south and stop at Escriba’. An historical patisserie, where in these days you can enjoy looking at the Monas de Pascua.

Chocolate sculptures only suitable for the real greedy ones.



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