Go comfortable to sales

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Julio 1st, 2010

Sales have just landed in Madrid and I’m full of happiness thinking what new things I’m going to buy in my favourite shops and brands stores.
I have a list larger than Santa Claus‘s wishlist. I live at a 4th floor but it could touch down the street…
The bad thing is I’ll have to decide along this list what I want more and leave the rest for another occassion.

Sales are great, but we have to be ready. You need to dress like if you were going to a war, because you’ll have to look for clothes on shelves and racks on stores full of people and I’m not made of iron… I will get tired.
To the end of the day, after a long sales journey, I’m like a sport woman just arrived from the gym. It’s really important to wear comfortable.

The main point is feeling comfortable. Nothing of strained looks that are uncomfortable to stand with for a long time. A normal sweater is valid for a day. Better if it’s thinner, and it will look great combined with shorts.

Don’t think about heels, erase this idea from your mind. Leave them at home. Heels are uncomfortable. It’s better to go with a beautiful flat shoe, like a dancer shoe, nautical shoe or similar models. I love buckskin shoes, with tassels on the front and a attractive manly look.

We have to insist again on the thinner clothes we have on our wardrobes. Nothing can disturb you when you’re looking for clothes or when you’re in the fitting room.

A nice boilersuit with flowers printings will solve the problem of pulling off thousand of layers of clothes to prove a dress or a jeans. Better with less things. We lose less time. But a thin cardigan will be ok if the air conditioning of the stores is high.

And if we want to go comfortable and fashionable at the same time, we can choose a Victorian style shoes, simply, basic, that will avoid any inconvenience during all the day. A modern look combining it is our personal key. I like being striking.



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 Bye bye squares, hello stripes

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 28th, 2010

I always feel sad when I have to say goodbye to some clothes of my wardrobe. Specially those I use to wear day by day and I like the most because they bring back to me memories of past days. But it is hopeless, always arrives the moment to renew the wardrobe because some clothes are out of date.

After almost two years with squares as the trend on my style and wardrobe, it is time to renew and say welcome to stripes. Stripes are the new print, they are everywhere and if you’ve never seen them, you’re living in a different world far away from this.

With stripes I get more sophisticated styles, and my friends have seen the real change. Before I was wearing more casual and now stripes get me dressed with other clothes, even with a trench I had forgotten on my wardrobe and I didn’t use to wear because I thought it didn’t combine with anything. Stripes make more stylish looks. They look really good to be basic…

Before I preferred rock and rebel looks. Looks with plaid shirts and tshirts of my favourite groups. I had all, from Sex Pistols to Ramones, I loved them, I went to all of their concerts really fashionable and my groups were always with me.

I have seen that I could get this style with stripes, but it is more sophisticated. I left my music tshirts to have short dresses combines with fit jeans and high heel boots. Black and white coloured stripes, my favourite colours.

So… I’m sad to say goodbye to the squares on my wardrobe, but I’m sure they will be back in a few seasons because they never get out of date.

Everything in fashion is cyclic, today are stripes, tomorrow spots and then… let’s see.



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 The best summer friends

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 25th, 2010

They never has gone from our wardrobe. Even cold, rain, nor platforms shut them down. Dancer shoes or french shoes… also in Spain we have a lot of different names to call this kind of shoes. It’s a classic that is imposing one of the trends of the current season. They’re comfortable, nice and flat!, and this summer they’re on stage full of printings and a lot of really wonderful things.

Dancer shoes wear during all the year, a basic on our wardrobe, but if we have an special moment to show the models is the arrival of the hot summer. Leave the winter boots and put on this temporal and comfortable shoe. You have a different kind of dancer shoe for every look. Bet for the colour, for the animal and flower prints, for the crow’s foot or spots, and for the most original materials, like charol or buckskin.

If you like fashion but staying comfortable, choose a dancer shoes by day. I like more with a jeans to go a casual way, ideal to go shopping. Also choose them by night, with a braces mini-dress. The perfect look to show in a summer party, like this parties you won’t end until the morning. And why not, choose them to go to the beach. They combine fine with any style, from retro to smart looks.

Fashion designers show them up on fashion shows, and they introduce in their collections as an essential complement. There are a lot who uphold the feminity of the flat shoes. For example, Donna Karan has an open battle with Manolo Blahnik o Jimmy Choo, this ones lovers of the heel. And not only designers, celebrities join this trend too… Brigitte Bardot on the 50’s, Audrey Hepburn on the 60’s and Kate Moss on 2000 have been one of the most loyal followers. Now, they all wear it.

This summer say “I want” this comfortable, cheap and versatile shoe.



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 Blogging about fashion in a minority language

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 17th, 2010

The other day I questioned about why is really difficult to find Spanish street style blogs on the internet, and today I have the same question about blogs in other languages, like catalan. Just for you to know, in Spain there are other official languages apart from Spanish: Euskera, Gallego, and Catalan (also we have some variations such Aranes, Balear, Valenciano).

A huge part of the textile industry in Spain is set on Cataluna, and also a big part of the most powerful designers and fashion labels on Spain are Catalan. For that reason, Barcelona is a wellknown trendsetter capital.

So why can’t I find bloggers who do it better in Catalan? I just found one pretty place where a girl named Laia (like me, typical Catalan name by the way) talks about fashion in this language. She doesn’t only write about local things, she also express herself about international events, designers, celebrities and curiosities with the same passion of someone who speaks for thousands of readers, but trough a particular way.

Maybe she doesn’t receive visits at all (except for mine, I guess…) she’s sailing alone, but she puts in there all of her free time and passion. It is strange to read about fashion with no English, French, Italian or Spanish words. But isn’t it equally worthy?

I celebrate this kind of things. I celebrate that blogging about something you love, is not always about how many people is going to follow you. It’s about been able to create your own personal space no matter what’s your google rank is or how many comments you have in a row. Now, it’s your turn: do you know any fashion blogs wrote in no massive languages or dialects rarely spoke?



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 Let’s go to the park!

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 11th, 2010

University classes are ending right now and I’m going to the park to enjoy a well deserved rest, after an exhausting year between tests and several jobs. In Madrid we’re lucky to have a gorgeous park, the Parque del Retiro, set on the city center, in one of the noble parts of Madrid.

The Retiro is one of the favourites places of my friends group. We go there every week on summer. But, we cannot go any way… We take care of us to look beautiful in any occasion. These are my favourite looks, the ones I recommend you to go to the park:

I love stripes for this summer. I see them everywhere and I’ve made some acquisitions for my wardrobe. Even it seems like a sailor’s wardrobe more than a young university spanish girl. I feel very well with them, and if it’s possible my choice is navy blue and white like a combination.

To play with a top or a blouse I choose a high ending shorts to show my legs and going comfortable to deal with the hot climate. Also I pick up my cardigan but is it’s cold later.

The stripes rules this summer. To look beautiful at the park a lot of my friends combine really good the stripes with other living colours to highlight more. They like to be seen but… going so wonderful and beautiful like them, who doesn’t like to be seen?

French lolita’s style is one of our favourites. Red and navy blue or black. Two colours which join very well and only need a high white shoes and a manoletina shoes to look very beautiful.

But not everything could be stripes because we could get bored always wearing the same thing. For this reason we decided choosing a smooth top, like this good looking kind blue, that after we can combine with skirts and black shorts. And to look divine, a leather stripes slippers have to be in our look.

Although, when we’re going to the Parque del Retiro or similars, we like practising sports, as riding bike o skating. For this occasions we also choose a very careful look because we must go and look smart.



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 Madrid Fashion week

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 10th, 2010

Madrid Fashion Week, formerly known as Pasarela Cibeles, is the meeting point of fashion where we update what’s going on the next season. Here the best fashion designers show their creations. Juanjo Oliva, Aghata Ruiz de la Prada, Duyos, Hannibal Laguna, Amaya Arzuaga, Roberto Torreta, Antonio Alvarado, Ángel Schlesser or Miguel Palacio have really good models. Glamour and design are the keys that define Madrid Fashion Week.

Fashion shows always are strictly punctual, and for this reason I like grabbing my seat a few minutes before the start and watch the guest’s dresses and the front row, where some celebrity always use to be. The staunch spanish fashion designers don’t doubt investing some of their time to acclaim the new season collections. Oh, wait! … Stir between photographers, tv cameras and social programmes journalists: It’s someone famous!!!

After the show, we’re going to the Kissing Room, the meeting point where the proposals are commented and the designer is congratulated. A place to see and to be seen. A place where you can drink a cocktail while waiting for the next show.

But, as in every edition, we don’t focus only in the models shown on the stage, but on the street-style, one of the best attractions of Cibeles. Fashion editors, stylists, models and guests of all kind show their best to surprise. Fashion creates trends, and trends create fashion, that’s true, but everyone decides how to use this trends. Some of the best places to see how fashion goes out to the streets are, without any doubt, the big fashion shows.

Guests dress to the lastest fashion with their best tight jeans, their typical peep toes and the highest platform shoes. Also some girls wear naif mini-dresses or casual style. Some of them choose XXL handbags, others choose wallets, but they’re all divine. It is “The Other Show”, the real adaptation from trends to the street.



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 Summer arrived…

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 4th, 2010

And me with a hat!Madrid seems like an oven. We’re in June and no one can walk comfortable through the streets without melting down. Termometers start being close to 30 Celsius degrees. Lucky us, we don’t know how are 40 degrees yet, this fact is terrible just thinking about how to wear. Everyday I wake up to go to the University, and I think what can I wear to avoid arriving home stressed because of the hot weather.

In this moment, I don’t care about my look. I only see a clear fact: me and my hat to the end of the world. The hat is the most comfortable accessory for these summer days, also because I try to avoid any potential sunstroke on my long way to the University. At the same time, you’re avoiding the rays of the sun on the head, which produce headache, and you feel more fresh.

The point is how to combine it.

The choice could be a fine blouse, summer likely, to be fresh and comfortable at the same time. Soft blouse, warm and pastel colours, to combine with shorts in pink or mallow tones. And we must have a thin leather belt.

If we don’t want a blouse we can choose a top. For the vintage lovers this combination would be their favourite, the same like me. White crude top, necklace of your choice, in this look it’s better to be tiny more than opened. We combine it with a high waist shorts and printed flowers and we’ll have a perfect look.

Just add a little handbag complemented with several accessories, bracelet or necklaces, to have a fresh idea.

If I choose a top but I prefer something larger, to avoid short measures, sometimes I prefer a black pirate pants and a top, spotted or mini-flowers printed. To all of this I add a pretty vintage glasses and I get my look for other fresher days.

Even though, for the cooler days, specially at night, we’ll have to think in covering with a little jacket or, even better, with a flower printed jacket. We can combine it with high waist shorts, washed like blue and with a little top and a gorgeous necklace.

Do not forget giving an original touch to our tights and our feet too, with a beige colour peep toes.

At last, if we’re tired of the hat, we can forget it. Take a good number of globes and think fresh. I tested it but I didn’t succeed, but if anyone of you got it, tell us how you did. I wish to know this answer!



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 University Looks

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 30th, 2010

University is the place where I spent more hours by day. I go in early in the morning, and I go out in the afternoon. I go by night and I go out also by night.

Although it isn’t my favourite place (I prefer shopping malls a thousand times!) I try to look always wonderful, and choose the best looks making every day a different day. I can have one style or another, so I can change without confining me to a particular thing.

I love dressing smart meanwhile I try to keep a retro-air in my looks. I like so much choosing a beautiful blazer, khaki or beige coloured, and mix it with a full black look. The result is always very visual.

And we must have the padded handbag with its chain, the bowler, or a highlighting tacks slippers.

This Spring-Summer 2010 season the fashion pattern will be the flowers, and we can retrieve 60′ fashion style and psychodelic designs. I like so much the stripes skirts with distinguishing colors on a black background.

Then, we can combine it with a summer top, with ship neckline, leaving the shoulders undercovered, and as a final detail, a necklace for keeping the vintage touch.

Another style I see in every shop I go is navy style, called Old navy too, or stripped style. It is one of my favourites. They look really good. But we have to be aware that the clothes show a little bit more our weight, because of the stripes breadthwise. But If we know how to choose the correct dress, it won’t be a problem…

My favourite colours for this look are: navy blue and white or black and white. Winning basics.

For this troublesome rainy days, I don’t forget my lovely trench I bought in at a second-hand market in London. It has a lot memories for me, I see it and it makes me happy. And it’s very coloured and looks very well dressed, because of the white points which it’s designed. If it combines good… maybe you can create something unique.

With a look like this we can’t pass unseen. It is the perfect style if we want our next friend, for who we feel more than a friendship, looks us a little more.

For these days in which we have to look beautiful but we want to dress more polite, I prefer to bet on a printed mini-dress and combine it with a leggings and above all… a black leather jacket. And, I never can go out from home without my miitary boots!

How are your university looks? Tell me your ideas!



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 Next Stop: Primavera Sound!

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 16th, 2010

I’ve bought a three days ticket to assist to Primavera Sound 2010, from May 27th to 29th in Barcelona. I’m counting out the days. It’s my favourite festival.

Just thinking about the festival’s guests I get dizzy. My loved Pavement are coming back, and with them will be The XX, the rising star band, The Fall, and the most international spanish, too: Delorean. This are only some examples. I’m thrilled and so nervous right now!… I don’t know how to wear!

I wanna go informal, but smart at the same time, because the festival is at the Barcelona Parc Forum, a place inside the city, with a very well kept enclosure, where everyone dress natty. It is the unique festival I have been in which I have seen heels higher than my own legs! Something crazy… People dress amazing to go, and I don’t want be less.

I like so much rebellious and casual style. A jeans will be in my bag for sure, and even if denim jackets are not so in fashion, I’ll pick one with a washed texture. It’s a very possible look for any day of the festival, complementing it with a silk scarf for protecting me from the cold nights, and a useful handbag to carry all my things. I have thousands!

Another idea I have is to wear stripes. With a beautiful mini-dress I’m going to be a reliable success, and who knows… maybe I’ll found a kind man who likes the music I like. Never close the doors… I’m going to look beautiful. With a socks until my kness and a pair of boots I’ll be striking.

But, if I feel the punk in me, I’m going to wear one of my extralarge Tshirts looking like a dress, and everybody is going to stop me. I’m going to give the best of myself at the festival. Primavera Sound, here I am!



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 The most fashionable guest

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 10th, 2010

The wedding season is starting right now……and as the last years, I have to go to a wedding this summer, like a lot of you, girls. Are you looking for a model? Before choosing your style, you have to pay attention to a lot of factors in order to make your search easier. These are the secrets to get an actual and perfect look, without looking weirdly serious and becoming the most fashionable guest.

As soon as I received the invitation I accounted for the hour and the kind of celebration. Morning wedding or evening wedding? This is the first detail I have to account for. If it’s morning wedding I can dress the most spectacular pamela or touched, but never a night dress.

In my case, it is an evening wedding, so as a guest I am, I will choose a large dress, like the red carpet style, an unique gauze or satin design, with a little siren tail and jewels details on the cleavage. My role to follow is the actress Penélope Cruz, an icon with a score of 10. An event so romantic as this deserves a dress will match.

The dress colour is another detail I take care the most. White is reserved only for the bride, so don’t come to the wedding of your best friend or your future sister in law with a white dress because it will mean being rude to her. Another colour that you prohibited in wedding protocol is black. Yes, it is a night colour, but it isn’t correct for a wedding. For that reason, I start to look for a cheerful colour. I like pink or violet tones, but red is my favourite. It is stimulating, striking, appropiate for an event like this, and on this summery days. Without any doubt, a perfect choice.

The choice is done: large dress, red, average cleavage. It is a church wedding, so it isn’t appropiate to wear a very open cleavage. The appropiate thing on the ceremony is wearing a chal half-transparent, in the same tone to hide your shoulders. But… keep your sexiest side for the dancing hour. Like accesories, a black clutch, black slippers and simple bun.

Runways are laying down glamour this summer 24 hours per day, and they are an example to see the looks. But, we aware of things like tone, length, shape and the fabric of your dress if you want to shine, but the most important thing is: never hide yourself and look as you really are. Be yourself.



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