The most fashionable guest

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 10th, 2010

The wedding season is starting right now……and as the last years, I have to go to a wedding this summer, like a lot of you, girls. Are you looking for a model? Before choosing your style, you have to pay attention to a lot of factors in order to make your search easier. These are the secrets to get an actual and perfect look, without looking weirdly serious and becoming the most fashionable guest.

As soon as I received the invitation I accounted for the hour and the kind of celebration. Morning wedding or evening wedding? This is the first detail I have to account for. If it’s morning wedding I can dress the most spectacular pamela or touched, but never a night dress.

In my case, it is an evening wedding, so as a guest I am, I will choose a large dress, like the red carpet style, an unique gauze or satin design, with a little siren tail and jewels details on the cleavage. My role to follow is the actress Penélope Cruz, an icon with a score of 10. An event so romantic as this deserves a dress will match.

The dress colour is another detail I take care the most. White is reserved only for the bride, so don’t come to the wedding of your best friend or your future sister in law with a white dress because it will mean being rude to her. Another colour that you prohibited in wedding protocol is black. Yes, it is a night colour, but it isn’t correct for a wedding. For that reason, I start to look for a cheerful colour. I like pink or violet tones, but red is my favourite. It is stimulating, striking, appropiate for an event like this, and on this summery days. Without any doubt, a perfect choice.

The choice is done: large dress, red, average cleavage. It is a church wedding, so it isn’t appropiate to wear a very open cleavage. The appropiate thing on the ceremony is wearing a chal half-transparent, in the same tone to hide your shoulders. But… keep your sexiest side for the dancing hour. Like accesories, a black clutch, black slippers and simple bun.

Runways are laying down glamour this summer 24 hours per day, and they are an example to see the looks. But, we aware of things like tone, length, shape and the fabric of your dress if you want to shine, but the most important thing is: never hide yourself and look as you really are. Be yourself.



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