Sailing in heaven

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 16th, 2010

From Ibiza to Formentera on a boat Trying to going party in Ibiza mid May is almost impossible. No big clubs opened, grandmas and grandpas overrun the island, and it isn’t hot as expected to lay all day long on the sand. Thanks to God there are some boats left: cheaper than in July or August, the experience to rent one of them for a day is really great.

Has anyone seen Dead calm? It’s a film starring Nicole Kidman where she and her husband are sailing on the Pacific and a survivor of a crashed boat who is rescued by them, turns to be a massive murderer…well, we feel a sensation of calm but at the same time, fragility and isolation. Except for the psycho part. In fact, you’re not in the middle of the ocean, so there’s no place to get lost yet until being found. Formentera is just 3.6 km far form Ibiza and the tour is delicious, even if you suffer seasickness.

You just have to chill, relax, and let go and the stress; touching the sea waves with your hand and let the wind guide you. It’s wonderful how this kind of boats can navigate without an engine, almost magical. And much more romantic than the fast ones. On board you have a world of services, such as music, suntan lotion, food and drinks. What else do you need?

The most beautiful and amazing beach of Formentera is Espalmador. You can reach the place only by the sea and the surroundings are as spectacular as the Caribbean Sea. Sand is white, water turquoise, and silence and stillness are priceless. A natural treasure.



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 The perfect Ibiza beach style

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 11th, 2010

It’s summer time and it is the moment to pack my suitcase to go holidaysMy destination couldn’t be but Ibiza: the island which never sleeps. There you have plans for a wide range of likes and moments: beach, parties or just enjoy peacefulness in any of its hidden coves. And that’s the reason why stylism is essential.

The fact is… packing the bag for going to Ibiza is not an easy matter. At every time of the day you have to wear a different model, so I look at my wardrobe and I choose the most striking colours for every hour, and when I’ll get tanned, without any doubt, white is the universal tone. For swimwear, I choose romantic bikinis with flower prints, one of the prints of this summer, spots, with geometrical shapes in purple and smoothy tones in red, fuchsia and white, with an 80’s look, and details of ties and plastic flowers. And, of course, I cannot forget two triquinis to wear at the boat, a very sophisticated swimwear.

Jeans shorts and mini skirts are the typical summer garment which are very comfortable for any moment of the day. But when you’re at the beach, in these wonderful Ibiza’s coves, the best option is shining with a matching combined with the bikini, or in the same tone, the best option to feel myself lightly and fashionable. And we can add something to this look: a straw hat, cowboy style, with a XXL horn rimmed glasses. A perfect look to wear while I’m taking a walk along the seashore.

The evening is another world. After a beach journey, nothing better but taking a shake or a cocktail in a beautiful terrace or in one of the multiple coffee shops of Ibiza, watching the sunset at Café del Mar. For this moment I pick a maxi dress, large, hippy and steamy, a must have of the summer.

Who hasn’t heard about the magical atmosphere of the Ibiza night? About its big discos and parties… Pacha, Space, Privilege, El Divino… a different model for every night. What’s the top garment? A dress. Black dresses, klein blue and red are my favourites, accompanied of a huge heels and a black clutch, that matches with everything.

Are you going to loose it?



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 The loves that you find at a music festival

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Febrero 8th, 2010

A lot of things can happen at a music festival. Everyone knows that. You set out with an idea, but what actually happens ends up being completely different. The craic lays any plans or calculations to waste when good vibes, young people, music and fashion start to mix. An explosive cocktail indeed.

Sometimes you change your plans as soon as you arrive, be it by plane, bus or tube. You get talking to the person next to you, and everything changes. Do you like The Killers? Yeah, what about you? Yeah, me too. Who do you most want to see? The Artic Monkeys. And you? Do I ever!

Before this moment arrives you will have spent two hours in front of the mirror deciding what to wear. Jeans, a skirt, no, maybe leggings would be better, no, they’re so uncomfortable, a pleated miniskirt!

Just when you think you’ve ruled out everything in your wardrobe, you come up with your perfect look: a stripy top, denim shorts, tights and a pair of platforms with a peep-toe. Not forgetting the thick-rimmed specs to add that modern touch to the oufit.

Then, when you’re actually at the festival with your new friend at your side, you decide what groups to see. You make sure it’s clear to everyone that you want to go to The Killers and the Artic Monkeys, but the festival has loads more to offer. The new electronic sounds will make you fall in love with the dance tracks from Justice or LCD Soundsystem, whose single “All My Friends” you will sing at the top of your voice with your new friend.

The platforms, the peep-toes, and one concert after another are killing you, and you’re ready for a break. In the background in the chill out zone you can hear a lounge session that seems to have been lifted from the Café del Mar in Ibiza. Everything is perfect, with your new friend, concerts, laughter, and your other friends lost somewhere in the crowds.

By the end you have discovered loads of new groups, laughed like it was going out of fashion, and on top of all that, you’ve met a new guy. When is the next festival?


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