Día a día con estilo, por Benetton

by Be-Blogger España on: Abril 20th, 2012

Cada día hacemos un montón de tareas, de modo tan mecánico que casi nos nos damos cuenta. Tomarnos una taza de café, bajar a la compra o mirar si tenemos mensajes en el móvil son actividades tan cotidianas como indispensables en nuestra rutina. United Colors of Benetton ha pensado en eso, y por eso han lanzado una nueva linea de accesorios que incluyen tazas de café, auriculares, shopping bags y fundas para el móvil. Hace poco recibí mi shopping bag en neón y mi funda para iPhone ¡y no puedo estar más contenta! Como es característico de la marca, el color inunda cada accesorio para convertir nuestro día a día en un estallido de colores alegres.

A partir de ahora ya no hay excusa para levantarse con malos ánimos o tener pereza a la hora de ir a comprar. Y que decir de lo agradecido que va a estar nuestro teléfono gracias a los mimos que le va a dar nuestra nueva funda de lana! El estilo se logra gracias a los pequeños detalles, ¿no creéis?

Cynthia Bagué, The Lithium Girl.


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 The best summer friends

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 25th, 2010

They never has gone from our wardrobe. Even cold, rain, nor platforms shut them down. Dancer shoes or french shoes… also in Spain we have a lot of different names to call this kind of shoes. It’s a classic that is imposing one of the trends of the current season. They’re comfortable, nice and flat!, and this summer they’re on stage full of printings and a lot of really wonderful things.

Dancer shoes wear during all the year, a basic on our wardrobe, but if we have an special moment to show the models is the arrival of the hot summer. Leave the winter boots and put on this temporal and comfortable shoe. You have a different kind of dancer shoe for every look. Bet for the colour, for the animal and flower prints, for the crow’s foot or spots, and for the most original materials, like charol or buckskin.

If you like fashion but staying comfortable, choose a dancer shoes by day. I like more with a jeans to go a casual way, ideal to go shopping. Also choose them by night, with a braces mini-dress. The perfect look to show in a summer party, like this parties you won’t end until the morning. And why not, choose them to go to the beach. They combine fine with any style, from retro to smart looks.

Fashion designers show them up on fashion shows, and they introduce in their collections as an essential complement. There are a lot who uphold the feminity of the flat shoes. For example, Donna Karan has an open battle with Manolo Blahnik o Jimmy Choo, this ones lovers of the heel. And not only designers, celebrities join this trend too… Brigitte Bardot on the 50’s, Audrey Hepburn on the 60’s and Kate Moss on 2000 have been one of the most loyal followers. Now, they all wear it.

This summer say “I want” this comfortable, cheap and versatile shoe.



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 Happy birthday, Gran Via

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 6th, 2010

It is one of the most emblematic places of Madrid, the Broadway of this city. It’s Gran Via, and this year is celebrating it’s 100th birthday. Although its official birthdate is on April 4, during all 2010 Madrid is celebrating a lot of events commemorating the Gran Via.

It is the street that never sleeps. A frantic way. A street constantly moving. Gran Via offers a whole world of opportunities. In its two kilometers, you can take a coffee, eat in any restaurant, enjoy the best musicals, theatres, cinemas, coffee shops and get lost in its amazing stores or simply take a picture in some of its mythical builings like the Capitol, at Callao square and the famous corner of Schweppes, one of the untouchable advertising icons of the capital of Spain.

Gran Via has been also the stage chosen by several spanish directors to shoot some sequences of their movies, like Alejandro Amenabar with Abre los Ojos, or Santiago Segura, hanging out from a modernist building on El dia de la bestia. Gran Via was the first witness of the movida madrilena, a famous social movement in the 80’s.

Because of its anniversary it has been celebrating various concerts: El Sueno de Morfeo, Nek, Shanon Corr, Georgina, Carlos Baute and Marta Sanchez or Alex Ubago have been the ones who rattled the young people of Madrid in an exceptional day, because, only for one day, the traffic was closed and all of us could walk through the roadway. Something unique and exceptional in a street full of life.

The street style are really diverse, because there are looks for every kind of taste. From stylist young people dressed with the current season trends like flower printed dresses, navy shirts or mini-shorts with spot tights, to the most punk styles with leggings, leather jackets and hats. A whole universe of fashion, where everyone dare with anything. And you, do you want to come to Gran Via?



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 Let’s come to Sonar!

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 13th, 2010

I was reading Jackie Dixon’s post about Lorenzo, a.k.a Plastic is Fantastic, and I cannot agree more with her vision: this boy is pure energy, vitality, positivity and rhythm… I guess, all this sparkle has something to do with his youngness, but I hope he never loses his tireless charm.

All about him makes me think about the next big festival coming to Barcelona next June 17th, 18th and 19th: the Sonar festival. If you love electronic music and avant-garde sounds, this is the place to be. Not only because of The Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Dizzie Rascal and more than 100 artists coming this year… mostly because the stage, at least by day, is an emblematic and modern corner of a city plenty of contrasts.

At the last festival edition, more than 75.000 people enjoyed the artistic programme which combines electronic headliners with hundreds of emerging artists and DJ’s representing the most updated music and new media trends. Sonar is the meeting point for a worldwide audience looking for the newest, as well as the professionals, looking for the right environment for business opportunities and networking. But the Sonar festival is also an enlightening visual experience which offers a huge variety of some of the best examples of digital art creation. Let’s say it works as an organization concerned with the cutting edge art, music and technology.

And we can’t forget fashion. Because, as I said, this is a place not only to be, although it’s to be seen. Personally, I’m working on it and I’m actually thinking about my bunch of outfits yet. I will dress denim shorts, that’s for sure.

And because I’m going to be standing during all day and night… flat shoes appear to be the best foot solution, don’t they?

This is the perfect time for not being scared of mixed and matched bracelets, necklaces and rings. The right time to build up an outstanding and unique style. Bring with you all the stuff you can pick up, handle, and wear it at the same time. There’s no place for discretion here, even if it’s dreadfully hot and you wish to wear only a bikini and a pair of flip flops…

Don’t you really love pieces like this? I absolutely felt in love with this hip hop star earrings in the Benetton photoshoot back in New York… and I want them all!!

Festivals like Sonar are also the place to try unbelieveable things like this fluorescent faux nails… I didn’t photograph my own hands with them on, they could become a dangerous weapon while you’re dancing or jumping… also, they could make impossible holding the glass correctly while you’re drinking, but I find them cool and super-disco-funk! Don’t you think?



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 The perfect Ibiza beach style

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 11th, 2010

It’s summer time and it is the moment to pack my suitcase to go holidaysMy destination couldn’t be but Ibiza: the island which never sleeps. There you have plans for a wide range of likes and moments: beach, parties or just enjoy peacefulness in any of its hidden coves. And that’s the reason why stylism is essential.

The fact is… packing the bag for going to Ibiza is not an easy matter. At every time of the day you have to wear a different model, so I look at my wardrobe and I choose the most striking colours for every hour, and when I’ll get tanned, without any doubt, white is the universal tone. For swimwear, I choose romantic bikinis with flower prints, one of the prints of this summer, spots, with geometrical shapes in purple and smoothy tones in red, fuchsia and white, with an 80’s look, and details of ties and plastic flowers. And, of course, I cannot forget two triquinis to wear at the boat, a very sophisticated swimwear.

Jeans shorts and mini skirts are the typical summer garment which are very comfortable for any moment of the day. But when you’re at the beach, in these wonderful Ibiza’s coves, the best option is shining with a matching combined with the bikini, or in the same tone, the best option to feel myself lightly and fashionable. And we can add something to this look: a straw hat, cowboy style, with a XXL horn rimmed glasses. A perfect look to wear while I’m taking a walk along the seashore.

The evening is another world. After a beach journey, nothing better but taking a shake or a cocktail in a beautiful terrace or in one of the multiple coffee shops of Ibiza, watching the sunset at Café del Mar. For this moment I pick a maxi dress, large, hippy and steamy, a must have of the summer.

Who hasn’t heard about the magical atmosphere of the Ibiza night? About its big discos and parties… Pacha, Space, Privilege, El Divino… a different model for every night. What’s the top garment? A dress. Black dresses, klein blue and red are my favourites, accompanied of a huge heels and a black clutch, that matches with everything.

Are you going to loose it?



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 San Sebastián, friends, fashion, an outstanding experience

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 5th, 2010

One of my favourites cities: it has such as names as many experiences I could live in itIn euskera language its name is Donostia, and it’s commisioned Donostia San Sebastían. The common way to name the city is Donosti, but other people prefer to call it the city of the shell, because of its beach, and by others, it is the spanish Burdeos. I prefer think in it simply as my city.

When I’m enjoying the city, I’m living at the same time the best of the spanish culture and the basque culture. I meet with my friends, we go out before the usual meeting hour, and choose our favourite place to take some pinchos and the night starts there. It is a different way to live, because you are feeling the european style from the border with France too.

I usually go to San Sebastian once per month, or more if I can. There I meet with my friends Amaia and Marta, who live in the old part of the city, a pleasure for those who are going out from Madrid, where everything is composed of big buildings, noises and lights. I feel I need to escape from the capital and switch off, so I take the bus a soon as I can.

I know… I’m chaotic. I never know what to pick up, and the wheather in Donosti is very inconstant. Maybe it’s raining all the day or maybe you are looking amazing at the streets with your new sunglases because of the shining sun. So, I have to take a big baggage in which I put a lot of things: from jeans to sequins slippers, that I really love.

The last time I arrived at San Sebastían, my friends were waiting for me at the bus station with a big banner that said: Let’s go for pinchos, Lucia!. I am a very polite person so… c’mon, let’s go. They know that signature cuisine is one of my weaknesses, so, we always start at La Cuchara de San Telmo, a wonderland place.

After being there, everything tastes different for me. But keep the good spirit alive and let’s listen to music at mythical Bukowski, with Kursal illuminated at the background. Are there better views? Yes, of course, Monte Urgull, but it’s better to come up by day… the night is young.

I like the clothing style of Donosti’s women, they’re stylish. They keep between seasons looks if it rains during the year. Trench is the top garment there. And I didn’t forget it, there are two in my bag, one of them beige, and the other is military green, I love this last. Of the Donosti’s guys I prefer don’t talk about, I reserve for my privacy.

Next morning we’re all tired. But there is a lot of things to do, so, let’s go shopping. We raze Donosti everytime I go. Shopping make me crazy, I always find something I like. The Boulevard or Cathedral surroundings have killing things.

And like this, shopping, going out by night, rest for a minutes (without a spanish siesta my body doesn’t stand during the night!) and take a good pinchos or take a coffee looking at La Concha, a beach to rest rest for a moment and don’t wake up until the next morning (but, be well wrapped, it’s cold)… my stay for a weekend flies.

And when I wanna be conscious, I take the bus to Madrid again, going back to the week by week routine, and I feel sad to have to go. In this moment, Marta and Amaia have another banner that says: We’re waiting to you for the next!. I smile and send them a big kiss. I know I’ll be back as soon as I could, and everything will begin again in a perfect city.



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 Fuencarral, the 1000 styles street in Madrid

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 21st, 2010

My favourite area in Madrid is Fuencarral street. My whole world is there: shopping, pleasant surroundings, good stores, the best clothes, the latest styles, the most advanced trends, and the best friends… who are lucky to live in that zone, in old houses adapted to the top styles nowadays.

When I enter to Fuencarral street from Gran Via, another of the most special streets in Madrid, it’s like entering into a new world in another city. Beside it’s Chueca, slightly above it’s Tribunal, and if you continue walking thru, you will find Malasana. Three neighbourhoods where life is different, music changes, the bars and the atmosphere are as cosmopolitan as you could imagine.

Lucky me, Fuencarral had just been set only for pedestrians, and now you don’t have to walk through the little sidewalk, where on rush days you had to walk dodging everyone. The street ever had looked as beautiful as now…

At the moment, everything looks more beautiful. With this change, the stores seems as new, and the few cafes or restaurants that are at the beginning of the street are now more visible. But if you wish to take a coffee or something like that, after a good shopping evening, I recommend you going to Malasana (if you like an offhand plan) or going to Chueca (if you are looking for a modern plan).

After visiting the stores of this street, you have to stop at Mercado de Fuencarral. At the moment, it’s different from the past, but there are a lot of stores inside, offering the trendiest clothes of the new season. You can find everything: complements, T shirts, dresses, sweatshirts… and shoes! There are special reserved spaces with all the models.

Just before the market, walking up from Gran Via, we have a little square where we can take a coffee after a hard shopping evening. But, in the rush days, it’s like an impossible mission.

Your clothing style doesn’t mind at all. Fuencarral has from Hip Hop clothes and japanese trends, passing through laylike fashion, that I personally love, Indie style (perfect for the concerts I use to go), and if you want to dress more stylish, you can, because there is no one ruling style, everything is mixed.

I remember have seen the most striking styles in this street. My favourite was a woman with pink dyed hair who looked good with her dressing style. She looked very good. I don’t know how she did yet. A mistery.

That’s the magic of Fuencarral, where everyone is unique and special. You have to go!



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