Bye bye squares, hello stripes

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 28th, 2010

I always feel sad when I have to say goodbye to some clothes of my wardrobe. Specially those I use to wear day by day and I like the most because they bring back to me memories of past days. But it is hopeless, always arrives the moment to renew the wardrobe because some clothes are out of date.

After almost two years with squares as the trend on my style and wardrobe, it is time to renew and say welcome to stripes. Stripes are the new print, they are everywhere and if you’ve never seen them, you’re living in a different world far away from this.

With stripes I get more sophisticated styles, and my friends have seen the real change. Before I was wearing more casual and now stripes get me dressed with other clothes, even with a trench I had forgotten on my wardrobe and I didn’t use to wear because I thought it didn’t combine with anything. Stripes make more stylish looks. They look really good to be basic…

Before I preferred rock and rebel looks. Looks with plaid shirts and tshirts of my favourite groups. I had all, from Sex Pistols to Ramones, I loved them, I went to all of their concerts really fashionable and my groups were always with me.

I have seen that I could get this style with stripes, but it is more sophisticated. I left my music tshirts to have short dresses combines with fit jeans and high heel boots. Black and white coloured stripes, my favourite colours.

So… I’m sad to say goodbye to the squares on my wardrobe, but I’m sure they will be back in a few seasons because they never get out of date.

Everything in fashion is cyclic, today are stripes, tomorrow spots and then… let’s see.



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