Summer Playlist !

by aminta on: Agosto 16th, 2013

Mi marido y yo somos aficionados a los videos musicales, sobre todo a aquellos que te enganchan más que una película de 2 horas en tan solo minutos. Los últimos días hemos estado escuchando y viendo una y otra vez lo nuevo de 30 Seconds to Mars , Up in the Air de su nuevo álbum  “Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams” .

Este video es una súper producción audiovisual que cuenta con verdaderos expertos del mundo del arte y la moda incluso con celebrities o deportistas reconocidas. Ya me diréis que os parece.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube


Ahora cerrad los ojos e imaginad que veis los cuadros y fotografías de un antiguo teatro , percibes  un ligero escalofrío. Ves a un lado y al otro y crees ver personajes que te suenan familiares.

Escuchas una música que te anima y te hace  bailar sin cierto..esta pasando, es nuevo video de Capital City, otra de las canciones que forma parte de nuestra lista de favoritos.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

Y vosotros tenéis algún video musical favorito? Compartidlo con nosotros :D…

Escrito por Aminta  / (AMINTA ONLINE)



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 Música para despertar tus sentidos…

by aminta on: Mayo 24th, 2013

Soy de esas personas que trabaja la mayoría del tiempo sentada frente al ordenador y necesito tener música de fondo, me da buen rollo, me acompaña. Descubrí a Peepall gracias a una amiga y la verdad estoy fascinada con el grupo, es una banda 100% española, pero cantan en inglés  y a mi me gusta mucho como suena, hacen un equipo estupendo y la música puede sonar perfectamente en el trabajo o una noche de fin de semana con los amigos . No es de extrañar que el grupo esté sonando cada vez en más y que ocupe los primeros lugares en listas de música indie española.




Imagen de previsualización de YouTube



Podéis escuchar su música aquí o bien descargarla gratuitamente en vuestro ordenador!! Merece la pena.




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 Entre Diamanda y Russian Red. Cap. 8

by aminta on: Noviembre 27th, 2012

Domingo por la mañana, llevo encima el primer catarro de invierno. De entre todas las curas posibles elijo ponerme los audífonos y escuchar “SinQuenz Alive. Los Estados Pelados” [MOLENSTRAAT (NL) PARTY 29/09/2012]. No conocía esta faceta de SinQuenza, pero escuchar su trabajo como DJ mientras saboreo algunos de sus últimos trabajos, es una experiencia bastante “rave”, casi medicinal. Os invito a visitar esta “soundcloud”, subir el volumen, y escuchar su personal articulación de paraísos tóxicos.

Puesta la música, bajo su influjo, pienso en la ruina como condición de posibilidad para la creación (Jean-Louise Déotte). Las mixturas, reciclajes y reconfiguraciones creadas por quien “pincha”, marcan el ritmo de las imágenes que deseo traer aquí: La corona real, símbolo de “gran cultura” y “poder colonial”, vigilando como un animal de presa tras la maleza artificial de un parque europeo. El autorretrato como joven indigente, díptico residual de iconografía religiosa, donde un euro en la mano es clavo y llaga a la vez… armas de guerra, estructuras tecnológicas para la destrucción, – incluido un avión de pasajeros, memoria dramática-, recortadas sobre ilustraciones frutales, vegetales… alimentos del supermercado global, de “Las guerras del hambre”. Bolsas de basura preparadas para algún escaparate de moda “temporal”, venidas no de “otro país donde explotan a su gente, usan sustancias ilegales y un largo etc…”, si no de cada uno de nosotr(x)s, víctimas y cómplices de la ruina, de la creación.

Imágenes cortesía de SinQuenza.

Conocí a SinQuenza en LAPIEZA (vía Intercambiador), hoy “nos encontramos”, si cabe el término, en el espacio virtual de las redes sociales. Justo allí tropecé con “Los Estados Pelados”, nada como un buen re-mix para tratar la enfermedad “residual” de nuestro tiempo. Suenan las campanas en el barrio de Los Austria (Madrid), regurgito la música, las imágenes…


Sigue esta interesante serie escrita por Susan Campos Fonseca(INSPIRIART) haciendo click AQUI. 

Editora del blog Benetton España Aminta Paiz 


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 Rock In Rio Madrid 2010, the summer festival

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 22nd, 2010

It’s one of the best music festivals around the world. This year the best stars from the music world attended the festival. It is Rock In Rio Madrid, and there have been Rihanna, Bon Jovi, Miley Cirus, David Bisbal, Shakira, Amy McDonald and much more. The highest rock journey happened on the closing of the festival with such rock legends as Metallica, Motorhead and Sober.

Rock in Rio is based at Arganda del Rey, in the outskirts of Madrid, a big enclosure in middle of the fields, trying not to annoy anybody. Up to there, arrive hundreds of buses loaded of young people. Boys and girls just wanting to enjoy the music and see their best artists live.

The festival has converted this year into a competition between singers and artists, in which the winners will be those who get the audience more excited. Rihanna and Shakira appeared in front of more than 85.000 people in their sexiest version, loaded of sensuality, and dressed with gorgeous models. And Miley Cyrus wasn’t so far behind…

During these days more than 30 millions people have been at the festival, and like every year, famous faces have been there mixed with a lot of unknown faces, but all of them with really curious street styles. The star look was Jeans and T shirt, but some girls just want to bring up people attention with uncomfortable models for this event.

Mini dresses, boilersuits with flower prints or jeans combines with navy shirts are setting the trends this year at the concerts. As top complements, we have boats, romans slippers, and high heels and XXL size handbags too. Every style is valid.

I wanna be there again next year, are you coming with me?



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 Spanish Voices

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 4th, 2010

I can’t avoid feeling identified with Russian Red. Young, on the latest fashion trends and, on top of that, sings great. Her song Cigarettes moves me because of her incredible voice and the melody so intimate. Furthermore, the story reminds me of a personal experience and it always makes me emotional listening to it.

The album I Love Your Glasses (2008, Eureka) is one of the most I’ve heard in recent years. It’s been two years since its publication and I’m still enjoying it like the first day. Thanks to it I discovered other types of Folk and Pop from Spanish artists.

Russian Red was the first to leap to fame and to sell no less than 30,000 copies of their debut album. Then came other names like Anni B Sweet or Alondra Bentley. Three artists who have rejuvenated the Spanish music scene through their songs.

Russian Red is Lourdes Hernandez, a 24 year old girl from Madrid who has never stopped in recent years, touring all over Spain. Anni B Sweet is a year younger and is aka of Ana Lopez, a girl from Malaga who has just published her first album, entitled Start, Restart, Undo (2009, Arindelle / Subterfuge).

The third is Alondra Bentley, who signs with her real name. Originally from Britain she is the eldest of the three. Active for many years, it was not until 2009 when I could hear her very warm debut album, Ashfield Avenue (2009, Absolute Beginners).

What I like about them is that natural style they have. The way to sing so intimate. Love songs that move and always with a careful style of dress. They are real trendsetters in their sector thanks to their great folk style with their tartan shirts and short, naive dresses.

I have seen all of them live and I am a big fan. Music, fashion and youth all in one. Can you ask for more? Yes, a song like I Feel Alive from Alondra Bentley. Precious.



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 The loves that you find at a music festival

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Febrero 8th, 2010

A lot of things can happen at a music festival. Everyone knows that. You set out with an idea, but what actually happens ends up being completely different. The craic lays any plans or calculations to waste when good vibes, young people, music and fashion start to mix. An explosive cocktail indeed.

Sometimes you change your plans as soon as you arrive, be it by plane, bus or tube. You get talking to the person next to you, and everything changes. Do you like The Killers? Yeah, what about you? Yeah, me too. Who do you most want to see? The Artic Monkeys. And you? Do I ever!

Before this moment arrives you will have spent two hours in front of the mirror deciding what to wear. Jeans, a skirt, no, maybe leggings would be better, no, they’re so uncomfortable, a pleated miniskirt!

Just when you think you’ve ruled out everything in your wardrobe, you come up with your perfect look: a stripy top, denim shorts, tights and a pair of platforms with a peep-toe. Not forgetting the thick-rimmed specs to add that modern touch to the oufit.

Then, when you’re actually at the festival with your new friend at your side, you decide what groups to see. You make sure it’s clear to everyone that you want to go to The Killers and the Artic Monkeys, but the festival has loads more to offer. The new electronic sounds will make you fall in love with the dance tracks from Justice or LCD Soundsystem, whose single “All My Friends” you will sing at the top of your voice with your new friend.

The platforms, the peep-toes, and one concert after another are killing you, and you’re ready for a break. In the background in the chill out zone you can hear a lounge session that seems to have been lifted from the Café del Mar in Ibiza. Everything is perfect, with your new friend, concerts, laughter, and your other friends lost somewhere in the crowds.

By the end you have discovered loads of new groups, laughed like it was going out of fashion, and on top of all that, you’ve met a new guy. When is the next festival?


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