University Looks

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 30th, 2010

University is the place where I spent more hours by day. I go in early in the morning, and I go out in the afternoon. I go by night and I go out also by night.

Although it isn’t my favourite place (I prefer shopping malls a thousand times!) I try to look always wonderful, and choose the best looks making every day a different day. I can have one style or another, so I can change without confining me to a particular thing.

I love dressing smart meanwhile I try to keep a retro-air in my looks. I like so much choosing a beautiful blazer, khaki or beige coloured, and mix it with a full black look. The result is always very visual.

And we must have the padded handbag with its chain, the bowler, or a highlighting tacks slippers.

This Spring-Summer 2010 season the fashion pattern will be the flowers, and we can retrieve 60′ fashion style and psychodelic designs. I like so much the stripes skirts with distinguishing colors on a black background.

Then, we can combine it with a summer top, with ship neckline, leaving the shoulders undercovered, and as a final detail, a necklace for keeping the vintage touch.

Another style I see in every shop I go is navy style, called Old navy too, or stripped style. It is one of my favourites. They look really good. But we have to be aware that the clothes show a little bit more our weight, because of the stripes breadthwise. But If we know how to choose the correct dress, it won’t be a problem…

My favourite colours for this look are: navy blue and white or black and white. Winning basics.

For this troublesome rainy days, I don’t forget my lovely trench I bought in at a second-hand market in London. It has a lot memories for me, I see it and it makes me happy. And it’s very coloured and looks very well dressed, because of the white points which it’s designed. If it combines good… maybe you can create something unique.

With a look like this we can’t pass unseen. It is the perfect style if we want our next friend, for who we feel more than a friendship, looks us a little more.

For these days in which we have to look beautiful but we want to dress more polite, I prefer to bet on a printed mini-dress and combine it with a leggings and above all… a black leather jacket. And, I never can go out from home without my miitary boots!

How are your university looks? Tell me your ideas!



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