San Sebastián, friends, fashion, an outstanding experience

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Mayo 5th, 2010

One of my favourites cities: it has such as names as many experiences I could live in itIn euskera language its name is Donostia, and it’s commisioned Donostia San Sebastían. The common way to name the city is Donosti, but other people prefer to call it the city of the shell, because of its beach, and by others, it is the spanish Burdeos. I prefer think in it simply as my city.

When I’m enjoying the city, I’m living at the same time the best of the spanish culture and the basque culture. I meet with my friends, we go out before the usual meeting hour, and choose our favourite place to take some pinchos and the night starts there. It is a different way to live, because you are feeling the european style from the border with France too.

I usually go to San Sebastian once per month, or more if I can. There I meet with my friends Amaia and Marta, who live in the old part of the city, a pleasure for those who are going out from Madrid, where everything is composed of big buildings, noises and lights. I feel I need to escape from the capital and switch off, so I take the bus a soon as I can.

I know… I’m chaotic. I never know what to pick up, and the wheather in Donosti is very inconstant. Maybe it’s raining all the day or maybe you are looking amazing at the streets with your new sunglases because of the shining sun. So, I have to take a big baggage in which I put a lot of things: from jeans to sequins slippers, that I really love.

The last time I arrived at San Sebastían, my friends were waiting for me at the bus station with a big banner that said: Let’s go for pinchos, Lucia!. I am a very polite person so… c’mon, let’s go. They know that signature cuisine is one of my weaknesses, so, we always start at La Cuchara de San Telmo, a wonderland place.

After being there, everything tastes different for me. But keep the good spirit alive and let’s listen to music at mythical Bukowski, with Kursal illuminated at the background. Are there better views? Yes, of course, Monte Urgull, but it’s better to come up by day… the night is young.

I like the clothing style of Donosti’s women, they’re stylish. They keep between seasons looks if it rains during the year. Trench is the top garment there. And I didn’t forget it, there are two in my bag, one of them beige, and the other is military green, I love this last. Of the Donosti’s guys I prefer don’t talk about, I reserve for my privacy.

Next morning we’re all tired. But there is a lot of things to do, so, let’s go shopping. We raze Donosti everytime I go. Shopping make me crazy, I always find something I like. The Boulevard or Cathedral surroundings have killing things.

And like this, shopping, going out by night, rest for a minutes (without a spanish siesta my body doesn’t stand during the night!) and take a good pinchos or take a coffee looking at La Concha, a beach to rest rest for a moment and don’t wake up until the next morning (but, be well wrapped, it’s cold)… my stay for a weekend flies.

And when I wanna be conscious, I take the bus to Madrid again, going back to the week by week routine, and I feel sad to have to go. In this moment, Marta and Amaia have another banner that says: We’re waiting to you for the next!. I smile and send them a big kiss. I know I’ll be back as soon as I could, and everything will begin again in a perfect city.



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