Hora de volver…

by aminta on: Agosto 24th, 2012

El verano ya esta dando los últimos coletazos ( aunque se resiste con este calorazo que nos asola) y con su final llega la ansiada vuelta al colegio de los niños ( ansiada por los padres..no por ellos), la vuelta al trabajo de quienes aún estaban de vacaciones..etc.

Siempre que recibimos un cambio brusco, como es este el caso, buscamos cosas que nos hagan la vida mas divertida, mas fácil. Es sabido que la gran mayoría de nosotros nos encantan las redes sociales, estar pegados a nuestros portátiles, IPad , Iphone..en resumen, rodearnos de tecnología no precisamente barata.

Algunas aplicaciones son gratis como Viddy que te permite convertir momentos cotidianos en pequeñas películas perfectas en el iPhone. Puedes grabar pequeñas películas y luego visualizarlas , compartirlas..etc, esta genial ! ( a veces descarga lento..pero merece la pena).


Otra aplicación es Foursquare, donde amigos de todo el mundo te asesoran de los mejores sitios donde comer o simplemente pasar un buen rato.

Y si lo que quieres es entretener a tus hijos..descarga para Ipad y Iphone ¨Magic Piano¨ que les estimulará su gusto por la música y se divertirán tocando un teclado original y virtual.

En fín amigos!..no todo es tecnología..también un buen libro ayuda, o sea que no olvidéis alguno que os atraiga de verdad..leer es apasionante y también te ayuda a regresar a la realidad después del veranito!

Feliz fin de semana 😀

Aminta de Aminta´s Fashion 



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 Pin Up your style!

by Be-Blogger España on: Marzo 26th, 2012

No podía haber elegido un mejor tema para mi primer post como Blogger Oficial de Benetton para España, su nueva colección de Jerseys Pin Up! Pero antes de eso, dejad que me presente: soy Cynthia y estoy detrás del blog de estilo personal The Lithium Girl. Estoy muy contenta por empezar esta nueva aventura y formar parte de la familia United Blogs of Benetton.

Y una vez hechas las presentaciones, vayamos a lo importante: Hablemos de las chicas Pin Up y todo lo que las rodea… Colores pastel, formas suaves que realzan lo mejor de cada chica…¿es eso posible en una sola prenda? Por lo visto si, y me he quedado maravillada cuando lo he visto. No puedo esperar a probármelos y jugar a ser una de las chicas de su nueva campaña. La colección Pin Up incluye camisetas de manga larga o sin mangas con amplio escote y por supuesto, un básico como es el cárdigan. Todo realizado en un fresco y ligero algodón. Si pensamos en aquellas chicas Pin Up de los 50 lo primero que viene a nuestra cabeza son chicas seguras de su cuerpo, de sus formas, y que sabian vestir de manera adecuada para potenciarlo. Esa es la esencia que Benetton ha capturado en su campaña y en sus prendas.

Os enseño además el exclusivo vídeo donde podréis ver como se desarrolló la sesión de fotos de la campaña.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

Y es que, ¿Quien puede resisitirse a la feminidad de las chicas Pin Up? ¿Te apuntas?


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 Blogging about fashion in a minority language

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 17th, 2010

The other day I questioned about why is really difficult to find Spanish street style blogs on the internet, and today I have the same question about blogs in other languages, like catalan. Just for you to know, in Spain there are other official languages apart from Spanish: Euskera, Gallego, and Catalan (also we have some variations such Aranes, Balear, Valenciano).

A huge part of the textile industry in Spain is set on Cataluna, and also a big part of the most powerful designers and fashion labels on Spain are Catalan. For that reason, Barcelona is a wellknown trendsetter capital.

So why can’t I find bloggers who do it better in Catalan? I just found one pretty place where a girl named Laia (like me, typical Catalan name by the way) talks about fashion in this language. She doesn’t only write about local things, she also express herself about international events, designers, celebrities and curiosities with the same passion of someone who speaks for thousands of readers, but trough a particular way.

Maybe she doesn’t receive visits at all (except for mine, I guess…) she’s sailing alone, but she puts in there all of her free time and passion. It is strange to read about fashion with no English, French, Italian or Spanish words. But isn’t it equally worthy?

I celebrate this kind of things. I celebrate that blogging about something you love, is not always about how many people is going to follow you. It’s about been able to create your own personal space no matter what’s your google rank is or how many comments you have in a row. Now, it’s your turn: do you know any fashion blogs wrote in no massive languages or dialects rarely spoke?



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 Sailing in heaven

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 16th, 2010

From Ibiza to Formentera on a boat Trying to going party in Ibiza mid May is almost impossible. No big clubs opened, grandmas and grandpas overrun the island, and it isn’t hot as expected to lay all day long on the sand. Thanks to God there are some boats left: cheaper than in July or August, the experience to rent one of them for a day is really great.

Has anyone seen Dead calm? It’s a film starring Nicole Kidman where she and her husband are sailing on the Pacific and a survivor of a crashed boat who is rescued by them, turns to be a massive murderer…well, we feel a sensation of calm but at the same time, fragility and isolation. Except for the psycho part. In fact, you’re not in the middle of the ocean, so there’s no place to get lost yet until being found. Formentera is just 3.6 km far form Ibiza and the tour is delicious, even if you suffer seasickness.

You just have to chill, relax, and let go and the stress; touching the sea waves with your hand and let the wind guide you. It’s wonderful how this kind of boats can navigate without an engine, almost magical. And much more romantic than the fast ones. On board you have a world of services, such as music, suntan lotion, food and drinks. What else do you need?

The most beautiful and amazing beach of Formentera is Espalmador. You can reach the place only by the sea and the surroundings are as spectacular as the Caribbean Sea. Sand is white, water turquoise, and silence and stillness are priceless. A natural treasure.



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 Madrid Fashion week

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 10th, 2010

Madrid Fashion Week, formerly known as Pasarela Cibeles, is the meeting point of fashion where we update what’s going on the next season. Here the best fashion designers show their creations. Juanjo Oliva, Aghata Ruiz de la Prada, Duyos, Hannibal Laguna, Amaya Arzuaga, Roberto Torreta, Antonio Alvarado, Ángel Schlesser or Miguel Palacio have really good models. Glamour and design are the keys that define Madrid Fashion Week.

Fashion shows always are strictly punctual, and for this reason I like grabbing my seat a few minutes before the start and watch the guest’s dresses and the front row, where some celebrity always use to be. The staunch spanish fashion designers don’t doubt investing some of their time to acclaim the new season collections. Oh, wait! … Stir between photographers, tv cameras and social programmes journalists: It’s someone famous!!!

After the show, we’re going to the Kissing Room, the meeting point where the proposals are commented and the designer is congratulated. A place to see and to be seen. A place where you can drink a cocktail while waiting for the next show.

But, as in every edition, we don’t focus only in the models shown on the stage, but on the street-style, one of the best attractions of Cibeles. Fashion editors, stylists, models and guests of all kind show their best to surprise. Fashion creates trends, and trends create fashion, that’s true, but everyone decides how to use this trends. Some of the best places to see how fashion goes out to the streets are, without any doubt, the big fashion shows.

Guests dress to the lastest fashion with their best tight jeans, their typical peep toes and the highest platform shoes. Also some girls wear naif mini-dresses or casual style. Some of them choose XXL handbags, others choose wallets, but they’re all divine. It is “The Other Show”, the real adaptation from trends to the street.



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 Made in Spain Adventureland

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 3rd, 2010

Those summer weekends when I just lack of plans, my best thing to do in Barcelona is going to the Tibidabo, the closest thing we have to an amusement park. It isn’t a technologically sophisticated and ultramodern one, but an old style kind, close to the ones you can find in California, like Santa Cruz or Santa Monica, but in a Spanish style. Without hot dogs and caramel popcorn, but with cañas and tapas. It’s not in front of the sea but close to heaven.

The perfect route on a lazy Saturday starts on the Tranvia blau. An historic tramway you can grab if you’re not in a hurry and you want to enjoy the rise of one of the two hills that surround the city. Once up in the mount, which gives name to the park, the tram turns into a cable car beautifully customized with local graffitis and practically hidden by nature.

But let me tell you that first we must stop for a drink (a cocktail or is it too soon?) at a bar named Mirablau: it has the most amazing view over Barcelona. From there you can see all the emblematic places of the city; the port, the Sagrada Familia, the Parc Guell and even the Camp Nou!

Almost as incredible as the view you can enjoy in some of the attractions of the Tibidabo. The whole point of the funfair thing here isn’t the rush of a rollercoaster (which… by the way… you’re not going to find, this is not Six Flags) but maybe the fear of heights… particularly when it comes to Atalaia. A legendary attraction made by two opposite giant baskets similar to the ones of an aerostatic balloon which slowly spins like the hour hand on a clock.

Eventually the one that I like the most is the big wheel, so quiet, calm and even romantic… In these days where it seems like only thrilling sensations can make us feel alive, the most extraordinary thing to do is relaxing. And Tibidabo is all about that. All about forgetting stress, all about perspective, and all about remembering the good times.

Especially when the sun goes down…



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 Gisela rocks New York

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 22nd, 2010

Meeting Gisela for the first time, the spanish winner of It’s my time, back in New York.
I realize how important is language to communicate, but how irrelevant it could be to express feelings and moods. Gisela was glowing and blooming, with a sincere, innocent smile in her face, enjoying a special moment surrounded by people she just met and she couldn’t really understand what they were saying, but everything was surrounded of unspeakable happiness.

How could a young and rookie girl feel so relaxed out of his comfort zone? It was the first time she traveled abroad in these circumstances, the first time she was in a party like that, at the top of the world… oh my God… she was in New York for the next campaign of an international brand like Benetton. But no anxieties, just a contagious, spontaneous, positive and natural state of mind with no room for hesitation.

The day of the session with Josh Olins I thought Gisela would be more nervous, but finally excitation was the word to described her behavior. Jet-lagged, but excited like the others, she entered into industrial space in the Meatpacking District, where the shooting was taking place, with the freshness of a beginner, but, at the same time, with the decisiveness of a veteran. She was impressed by the hugeness of the place, and like me, she wanted to keep all of the wardrobe goodies and all of the Benetton Fall-Winter 2010/2011 stuff!

Despite of the gazillion professional eyes (kindly) analyzing every step, and under the pressure of an amazing photographer in front of her, Gisela rocked the set with her latin flair and her graceful shyness. Well done!



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 Spanish Voices

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 4th, 2010

I can’t avoid feeling identified with Russian Red. Young, on the latest fashion trends and, on top of that, sings great. Her song Cigarettes moves me because of her incredible voice and the melody so intimate. Furthermore, the story reminds me of a personal experience and it always makes me emotional listening to it.

The album I Love Your Glasses (2008, Eureka) is one of the most I’ve heard in recent years. It’s been two years since its publication and I’m still enjoying it like the first day. Thanks to it I discovered other types of Folk and Pop from Spanish artists.

Russian Red was the first to leap to fame and to sell no less than 30,000 copies of their debut album. Then came other names like Anni B Sweet or Alondra Bentley. Three artists who have rejuvenated the Spanish music scene through their songs.

Russian Red is Lourdes Hernandez, a 24 year old girl from Madrid who has never stopped in recent years, touring all over Spain. Anni B Sweet is a year younger and is aka of Ana Lopez, a girl from Malaga who has just published her first album, entitled Start, Restart, Undo (2009, Arindelle / Subterfuge).

The third is Alondra Bentley, who signs with her real name. Originally from Britain she is the eldest of the three. Active for many years, it was not until 2009 when I could hear her very warm debut album, Ashfield Avenue (2009, Absolute Beginners).

What I like about them is that natural style they have. The way to sing so intimate. Love songs that move and always with a careful style of dress. They are real trendsetters in their sector thanks to their great folk style with their tartan shirts and short, naive dresses.

I have seen all of them live and I am a big fan. Music, fashion and youth all in one. Can you ask for more? Yes, a song like I Feel Alive from Alondra Bentley. Precious.



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 Penelope and the Cruzettes

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Marzo 5th, 2010

Penelope Cruz is featured in every “Best Dressed” list. Which are her secrets? She has a classical style. She doesn’t like to take risks and she always wears sober dresses. Her favorite are thight and strapless and she loves pink and black.
Have a look at some Spanish girls who have a classical style like Penelope:


Quite stingy and not generous with pics: if you have a dream, upload more baby.


Open up! Open your wings, your smile, your arms! Upload your hidden energy!

  • Olga


    I like being different from others


You say: “What makes me special is that I am spontaneus and natural.” Any video proof?

Check their profiles and discover the authentic Spanish style!



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 Spanish style: Gala Gonzalez

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Marzo 5th, 2010

Gala Gonzalez, also known as Am_Lul, has become a net-celebrity thanks to her sense of style.What have her looks for making her a style icon? Gala is not afraid to take risks, she likes to play with fashion and try new things like so many other Spanish girls that you can find in the Benetton casting.


Paula Ramos brings color to her looks


Laatena combines a sequined evening dress with trainers, and why not?


Steffi wears athletic socks and femenine dresses.

by fashionisima.es


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