Victoria & Albert Museum

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: June 15th, 2011

Victoria & Albert is one of my most visited museums when I started my fashion studies at the London College of Fashion, I visited the museum regularly nearly every week to attend their lectures and seminars, exhibitions and research.  I was a member of ‘friend’ with the museum for 4 years, partly I greedily wanted to use their ‘friend’ discount to get into their exhibitions without paying full price…I was a really poor fashion student.  Victoria & Albert museum has everything that any art and design students to be inspired by their enormous collections, categories from medieval sculpture, fashion, photography architecture and the like, it could be for your art and design research, inspiration for your up and coming fashion collection, sketching or simply enjoy what they have had collected and commissions over the past hundreds years.

What are you inspired by in everyday life?  I have a penchant for old gothic and derelict buildings with elaborate detailing and murals.



Framework and limestone heads.

Their stunning Victorian garden.

Architecture and models.


Glassware, china and ceramics.


Style Slicker


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