A new hair cut

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: January 20th, 2012

It has been two weeks after the celebration of year 2012, have you done anything to change your look? Bought a brand new wardrobe? A pair of  new shoes or have you cut your hair?  I had a hair cut not long after the new year, before my hair was ridiculously long, flyaway and too heavy to tie a pony tail, now it’s sitting prettily above my shoulder.

Long before the festive break I accompanied my friend, Jen to have her hair highlighted and a short trim at Taylor Taylor in East London.  Although I missed the whole process I was in other part of town collecting a brand new camera, but thankfully I managed to snap a few shots of Jen’s new hair cut and shots of the salon’s interior – in the style of decadent and French boudoir interiors. It was beautiful!


Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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