Benetton Style: Nautical

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: March 28th, 2012

The glorious sunshine over here in London has been marvellous, we have a clear blue sky for 5 consecutive days, at 17-21’C and high pollen counts are unusually rare in March.  But a perfect excuse to dress loosely and have stroll in the park to absorb the essential vitamin D, but still, I slapped on some SPF 30+ to avoid being tanned and having more freckles on my face.  Pale is the new tan.

Over the sunny weekend, I took the advantage to wear this nautical stripe top from Hong Kong, stripe can look distortedly if worn loosely so it’s best to wear with a thin belt.  Paired with an old Benetton denim jeans which I’ve had cut off, transformed into shorts exposing the frayed hems.

I picked off a twig of pretty cherry blossoms from the tree and insert it in my pony tail to add an essence of girlyness.

A dose of accent yellow bracelet to compliment my hibernated pale skin (since winter), a Beyond Retro vintage flap over bag knotted with my mum’s vintage silk chiffon scarf.

Lastly, a pair of comfortable blue suede loafers to complete the nautical look.

What’s your look for a sunny weekend?


Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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