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by Be-Blogger U.K. on: April 6th, 2012

Almond and yogurt waffles with orange honey syrup.

Cabbage with almonds, blood orange and ginger vinaigrette.

Their outdoor dinning experience with Outdoor dinning at Outstanding in the Field in Santa Cruz (CA).

Almond herb tart with dandelion pesto, truffled fontina and fig.

Elderflower Sprinzer.

We love checking out  enticing food blogs that features beautiful photography; in colour, compositions, still life and magazine-like quality that transforms the content to look truly believable, in a sense that you can almost taste the flavours when browsing through the pages of food and mouth watering videos.

A couple days ago I had some time to catch up with Pinterest and see what my friends were pinning, and came across an image which literally stood out amongst other usual fashion and lifestyle pins, it was an image of a beautifully photographed chopped oranges placed on a rustic wooden board, very nostalgic.  It was from an Alabama based food blog called Roost Blog, let me tell you I got HOOKED.  The blog follows a journey of a charming lady called Catlin whose husband diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 2 years, discovering ways of eliminating all gluten, grain, sugar, lactose, and starch from their diet and found the healing power of coconut oil and almond flour.  If you’re into healthy eating and organic cookery, I’d really recommend checking out this beautiful blog.

All images via ROOST BLOG.


Kit Lee, Style Slicker



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