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by Be-Blogger U.K. on: April 12th, 2012

Recently on the news, Facebook has bought the Instagram app for astonishing $1bn! What’s next? Pinterest?  I am an Android phone user of 3 years and I always thought that the photo sharing app was a cheating tool for create the vintage style effect (it has 17 filters).  As a keen supporter for film photography especially the Polaroid which is clinging on for dear life, the rising cost of photo processing and film roll it is an expensive hobby, I had to give it up blaming the technology and the convenience of digital processing software.

Instagram was introduced in late October 2010, available only for iphone because of its amazing camera and pixels, since then they’ve generated 27m users til 2012.  As the technology (dramatically) improved, last week it was finally launched on Android so I gave it ago, to my amazement after snapping 12 photos from my phone I got hooked.  Not only it’s amazing, like Twitter you can follow your friends and series of designers, celebrities, brands and personalities too.

What’s your thought on Instagram?

Goodbye Polaroid and film photography, you are too expensive to toy around with, hopefully one day we will save you.

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