The Opening Ceremony 2012

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: July 30th, 2012

The Olympics opening ceremony kicked off on Friday night, nations and spectators gathered together in one stadium to watch the spectacular show on earth, excitements built up around the world and viewers from homes.  Critics and fans questions, can we match the Beijing’s 2008 carefully-military choreographed opening ceremony….sure we can!  Here’s our highlights:

The live opening ceremony entitled ”Isles of Wonder” directed by our fellow Brit Oscar winner director Danny Boyle, the show started off the simple life in Britain’s countryside.

Performers depict the evolution of the 19th Century Industrial Revolution, towering chimneys, smokes, mines – this is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

This was a mind blowing performance – a giant ring is forged from metal during a depiction of the Industrial Revolution, the Olympic rings form together during the ceremony signifying the unification of 5 continents.

We’re known for our eccentricity and humour, we have the Queen and James Bond parachuting out of a helicopter hovering above the stadium.

Don’t forget the world’s famous Mr Bean featured in the chariots of Fire segment.

Torch bearer David Beckham in the speed boat carried the last leg of the torch relay along the River Thames headed towards Stratford.

Go team GB!

Our British Olympic legend, Rower Sir Steve Redgrave a 5 times gold medalist passed the last flame to 7 young new Olympic hopefuls to inspire the young generations.

This is the best kept secret, the Olympic Cauldron – Dubbed  ”The is Light that Never Goes Out” was designed by one of the British’s most creative thinkers Thomas Heatherwick.  203 copper petals were inserted in the rods, once lit from the torches’s flames the petals slowly rises and transforms into a giant cauldron.

Did we beat China? Yes we did! Let the games commence!

(Photos via London2012)

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