RIP Anna Piaggi

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 8th, 2012

Left: David Bailey. Right: REX.

Left: Heather O’Malley.  Right: Heather O’Malley.

Left: Stephen Lock.  Right: REX.

Left: REX. Right: REX.

Shocked and disbelieved, the fashion world mourns the death of a style icon and fashion journalist Anna Piaggi, who passed away yesterday aged 81.

Vogue (Italia) Contributor Anna Piaggi, was a fashion commentator and contributed to various established Italian publication titles such as: La Settimana Incom, Epoca, Arianna and the like.  An eccentric fashion figure known for her pale blue hair, vibrant-flamboyant clothes and bright coloured make up.

Anna’s incredible styles will always be remembered and a perfect example of a true style icon. RIP Anna Piaggi.

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