Benetton AW12 Underwear Collection

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 10th, 2012

From left: Vest top (3AR31H528), Tshirt (3U780M556), Pyjammas (3A8L0P1JO), Cardigan (10873M112), Bra (3MC11R1B9).

Left: Cardigan (10423M109), Nightgown (3BGZ1U068), Socks (6AO3H215U).  Right: Body suit (3BPM1B096).

Left: Sweater (3F9T3M533), Bra (1X251R101), Culottes (1X251S154), Trousers (3F9T3F242), Scarf (12423A033).  Right: Pyjamas (39054P1IA).

From left: Sweatshirt (3F9T3M533), Bra (3BND1R1AM), Knickers (3BND1S1DO).  Pyjamas (3BNY3P1G3).

Left: Bra (3M6U1R1AV), Knickers (3M6U1S1EH).  Trunks (3M6U2X310).  Right: Boy Pyjamas (3A8L0P1JQ), Man trousers (3A8L4P1JL).

”A comfortable and brightly coloured world, snug and warm for a wonderfully cosy winter: this is the new Undercolors of Benetton AW12 underwear collection.  All the warmth of home”

Vibrant neon colours are still popping and lively this Autumn Winter –  cool teal, acid yellow, girly pink and a shy purple with a dash of neutral warm colours of grey, navy and brown to compliment the heavy tones.  Novelty prints and animal head-scarf adds humour and fun into our lifestyle, classic checks and stripes for the pattern lovers or those who can’t live without patterns…such as I.


Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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