Benetton AW12 Kids Collection

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 30th, 2012

Look 30: T-shirt (3C80MM1CL), Trousers (4EU6550ME).

Look 34: Puffer jacket (2EO6530CE), Shirt (5WA85Q1BE), Dungarees (4DP55818E). Look 1: Cardigan (1358C5F3N), Dress (4MLSV2BE).

”Wrap your baby in warm with the new AW12 United Colors of Benetton Baby collection: dresses, soft shirts and comfortable sweaters that are just right for those beginning to explore their world.” – Baby, Benetton.

Look 14, from left: Cardigan (1090C5240), Socks (6AO3B2168), Shoes (8G9MC1093). Middle: Scarf (6H9UB5349), Cardigan (1287C5238), Socks (6AO3B2163), Shoes (8G9MC1093).  Right: Cardigan (1024Q5239), Shirt (5ZW15Q310), Skirt (4EH65020U0), Socks (6AO3B2168), Shoes (8G9MC1093).

Look 22: Jacket (2E6WS3220), Sweater (1087C4148), T-shirt (3FL7C1C6P), Denim (4U172N0), Socks (6AO3B2168), Shoes (8G9MC1093).  Look 15: Scarf (6H9UB5349), Cardigan (10L7Q5227), Shirt (5BKX5Q0OP), Skirt (4M6LS00N0).

”Little ones love being free to play!  The new AW12 United Colors of Benetton Toddler collection is designed just for them: comfortable, brightly coloured and excellent quality.” – Toddler, Benetton.

Look 22, click here for garment list.

Look 1: Hat (6KV7B4182), Cardigan (10VHC5231), Shirt (5ZW15Q3K0), Skirt (4EH65502U0), Socks (6AO3B2168).  Look 8: Cap (6V28B418Q), Cardigan (3BQLC6041), Trousers (4TV6553S0).

“Comfortable, urban and cool: this is the new United Colors of Benetton Kid and Tween collection for AW12.  An infinite range of colourful and versatile looks, suitable for every occasion.” – Kid and Tween, Benetton.

Aren’t they look adorable?  Be sure to check out Benetton‘s latest AW12 collection online and instore.


Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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