The Notting Hill Carnival

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 29th, 2012

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

(Photo by Sang Tan/AP)

(Photo by Will Olivera/APP/Getty Images)

Over the Bank Holiday weekend West London have held its annual event Notting Hill Carnival, known as Europe’s largest and spirited festival founded by the West Indian community of Notting Hill in 1965, many of whom lived in the area since the 50s.  The carnival celebrates the abolition of slavery and the slave trade and the joy of freedom, it attracts over a million of revellers and visitors from all around the world to witness the spectrum arrays of bright and colour costumes, live Caribbean music bands and vast multitude of food stalls serving the traditional Jerk chicken, curried goat and peas and rice.

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

(Photo by Facundo Arizzabalaga/EPA)

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Image)

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Celebrating the freedom and, featuring the strong elements of dancing and dressing up bright colourful costumes mostly features and elaborate feathered headdresses, mimicking the European fashions of their former masters, their faces covered (even in friendly flour/paint fight) in white or colourful flour and paint in a fun sort of way.  How amazing the event were held together by the hands of the local volunteers?  Perfect timing as the Paralympic 2012 is happening just around the corner.


(Photos by Oli Scarff, Sang Tan, Facundo Arrizabalaga, Will Olivera, Getty Images, APP, EPA via

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 The Olympic Medals

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 2nd, 2012

The games has commence!  After days of disappointing starts in individual events for team Great Britain, placing 11th on the medal table with 2 golds, 3 silvers and 4 bronzes, 8 medals in total, but we’re slowly climbing.

What strikes us, is how huge and heavy the gold medal look, according to the Business Insider, ”They are the largest medals, in diameter and weight, that have ever been given out at the Summer Olympic Games.”  The gold medal is made up of 92.5% silver and 1.34% gold, with the remainder copper.  It weighs 400g, 85mm in diameter and 7mm thick. Now that’s what I call an Olympic gold medal.

The medals has been designed by an established decorative artist David Watkins, they’re produced at the Royal Mint HQ in Llantrisant, South Wales.  Check on the London 2012 website for more information on the medals, and The Royal Mint for information on the making of the medals.

Go Team GB!

(Photos via London 2012)


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 The Opening Ceremony 2012

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: July 30th, 2012

The Olympics opening ceremony kicked off on Friday night, nations and spectators gathered together in one stadium to watch the spectacular show on earth, excitements built up around the world and viewers from homes.  Critics and fans questions, can we match the Beijing’s 2008 carefully-military choreographed opening ceremony….sure we can!  Here’s our highlights:

The live opening ceremony entitled ”Isles of Wonder” directed by our fellow Brit Oscar winner director Danny Boyle, the show started off the simple life in Britain’s countryside.

Performers depict the evolution of the 19th Century Industrial Revolution, towering chimneys, smokes, mines – this is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

This was a mind blowing performance – a giant ring is forged from metal during a depiction of the Industrial Revolution, the Olympic rings form together during the ceremony signifying the unification of 5 continents.

We’re known for our eccentricity and humour, we have the Queen and James Bond parachuting out of a helicopter hovering above the stadium.

Don’t forget the world’s famous Mr Bean featured in the chariots of Fire segment.

Torch bearer David Beckham in the speed boat carried the last leg of the torch relay along the River Thames headed towards Stratford.

Go team GB!

Our British Olympic legend, Rower Sir Steve Redgrave a 5 times gold medalist passed the last flame to 7 young new Olympic hopefuls to inspire the young generations.

This is the best kept secret, the Olympic Cauldron – Dubbed  ”The is Light that Never Goes Out” was designed by one of the British’s most creative thinkers Thomas Heatherwick.  203 copper petals were inserted in the rods, once lit from the torches’s flames the petals slowly rises and transforms into a giant cauldron.

Did we beat China? Yes we did! Let the games commence!

(Photos via London2012)

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 Discovered: Boo the world’s cutest dog

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: June 28th, 2012

Don’t you want to squeal when you see such adorable pet as this one?  The ooo’s and the ahhhh’s, the urge and temptation in owning one yourself, then this dog deserve a squeal award.  Let me introduce you to Boo, the world’s cutest dog a loveable Pomeranian breed has been taken the internet by super hurricane, since the launch on Facebook in 2009 he has amasses of 4 million Facebook likes and receives an average 30,000 likes per post, shockingly incredible.  Boo and his owner are based in the US, he spends his time being photographed and play dress up, they have just launched his new book ”Boo, the life of the world’s cutest dog” features extensive photographs of Boo.  Wouldn’t it be great if Boo wears one of our Benetton‘s colourful pieces from the baby range?

YouTube Preview Image

(Images and video via Boo on Facebook and youtube)


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 Spitalfields Music Festival

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: June 26th, 2012

Music festivals has become a part of communities across the UK especially in East London area. The Spitalfields Music Festival took place on the 8th-23rd June, so over the weekend I took a short trip to Spitalfields in East London to see what the fuss about.  There were series of concerts, dance performances, and events of different genres that reflects the postcard the E1, held at Spitalfields’s distinctive splendour venues; Shoreditch Church, Hawkmoor’s Chris Church, 18th Century English Restaurant, Masonic Temple, the Old Spitalfields Market and Bishop’s Square.  Thankfully the outdoor events were free of charge, despite a series of horrid weather it didn’t dampen our British spirits.


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 Happy Birthday Benetton!

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: May 29th, 2012

Benetton is celebrating its 47th birthday today! It was a time Luciano Benetton launched Benetton Group in 1965 and is active in 120 countries.

Where were you in 1965? Any memories of significant events?  I wasn’t even born yet, my mother was 5 years old living happily in China.  Do you have any birthday wishes for Benetton?


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 Discovered: Nail stickers

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: May 25th, 2012

I know nail stickers are a big hit in the US, and they were introduced in the UK in mid 2010 which hasn’t yet absorbed until 2012.  I first discovered Incoco when my youngest sibling ordered a batch of nail stickers via Ebay, I saw how easy it looked when applied on her nails in perfection.  The stickers are thin, the formula is 100% real nail polish, and easy to apply in minutes.  Does it sound impressive?  Here’s how.

1. Clean and buff nails before application.

2. Select the size that best fits your nail, gently remove the clear cover. 3. Peel polish.

4. Place the sticker on nail and smooth until wrinkle free, gently stretch for a perfect fit.

5. Crease strip nail edge, and remove the excess using your nail or a nail file.

6. Done! To remove, use a regular nail remover.


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 Benetton AW12 press day, kidswear

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: May 3rd, 2012

Don’t you just love walking into a shop and you happen to be in a kidswear department by mistake?  I certainly do.  As seen for the first time at Benetton AW12 press day kidswear collection were rarely shown to the press especially on the blogosphere, it has given it’s love and attention by us and in awe of their cuteness.

Check patterns in dresses, trousers, shirts and coats seems to be a key favourite in kidswear, cute knitted wolly hats with animal facial feature will be a big hit in the autumn winter season, I wish they have them in adult sizes.


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 Benetton AW12 press day, womenswear

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: April 27th, 2012

Colourful apparels awaited for my late arrival at the Benetton autumn winter 12 press day in central London, a dreadful down pour weighed down my mood and the colour of my face, pale.  The Benetton showroom was like a rainbow of revival, colourful like jellybeans you want to eat it.

Pretty colours and pretty fabrics – purple, gold, orange, greens to the more neutral tones.

Tweeds, silk and cashmere and fine cotton knits.

Patterns and prints; faded floral prints, heritage style tartans, cable knits, and lots of tartans!

Left: Simple gold silk shift dress with fish scale like patterns.  Right: Floral print skirt.

Left: Rough looking loafers.  Right: multi-tone lace up wedges.

Left: Well paired items, the purple coat and multi-coloured scarf.  Right: Pretty floral print blouse.

Left: Country style urban boots.  Right: Khaki leather shoe boots.

Above: These items are a stunner, strong orange tartan cape and trilby hat, definitely a must have items for the next season.

I know it’s silly but I really can’t wait for the autumn winter season to come.  Stay tuned for Benetton AW12 press day, Menswear!


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 Earth Day

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: April 20th, 2012

YouTube Preview Image (video via

Earth Day is happening next Sunday, what are you going to do?  The infamous London Marathon is happening on the same day, not exactly the most environmental friendly at least they’re doing it for charities and spreading awarenesses for cancer, saving the animal, green peace and many more.

What can you do and pledge to appreciate Earth’s natural environment and be eco-friendly just for 1 day? Here are the solutions;

– eat more local produce to reduce carbon footprint.

– bring your own reusable shopping bags to to the store.

– recycle and conservation.

– take advantage of natural light as much as possible.

– reduce vehicle use, walk more to reduce consumption of energy.

– save electricity and water, wash clothes in cold water.


– Plant trees.


Save the Earth, do not consume it.


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