Benetton SS12 Press Day, part 1.

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: December 9th, 2011

Vibrant and soft muted colours are subjective of spring and summer vibe essentially of personal styling, simple shapes and surface detailing balances the message of loud and quiet colours.  This is why Benetton spring summer collection are always tastefully tailored to customer’s needs, like myself I’m in awe of their deliciously bright citrusy colours, for us fans of colour we will have to wait until SS12 collection arrive on shop floor in Spring, THAT I cannot wait.

Press day nibbles.

Left: Polka dot fine cotton knit cardigan.  Right: Pink pleated skirt is a must have for pleated skirt fans.

A straw-like textured brogues, great for ventilation in hot summer.

Left: Light trench coat with tie, how very 90s.  Right: Satchel bag, yellow is still very much a popular seasonal colour.

More polka dots!

Suede sandals.

Left: Mini trench coat with open front yoke.  Right: How gorgeous is this dress?

Casual beachy accessories.

Stay tuned for Benetton SS12 press day part 2.


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 Now Let’s Look at the Clothes

by United Blogs of Benetton on: April 21st, 2010

Let’s forget about the volcano ash that has made our New York trip a bit longer than we had anticipated for a minute. Let’s instead look back to happier times. The shoot in New York was really 50% about the people and 50% about the clothes and whilst I found it quite interesting seeing the people bring the clothes alive, showcasing their own spirit and style, I was primarily also interested in the clothes from a selfish point of view…

Whilst from my perception, United Colours of Benetton isn’t about pumping out catwalk trend copycats but instead creating their own go-to staples with a sense of fun, I did spy inklings of the A/W 10-11 trends that were seen in February/March…

Here, Natalchou and Magali wear the hiking outdoors-y looks really well complete with chunky boots and socks, furry hats and lumberjack plaid jackets. Ok, they’re not actually fit for hardcore hiking but at least they’re sartorially spot on…

The ensembles of the day had to go to the mixed and clashing knitted checks that Tereza and Patricia wore. They loved it so much, they didn’t want to take them off and even when they were off the shoot, they were giving out model-esque poses.
Melanie wearing some of the lovely Fair Isle knits that Benetton have lined up for A/W 10-11 had a great energy on set…

More of the Fair Isle…

Sheepskin and checks… you won’t be able to escape this stuff come winter…

Ben is looking particularly ready for A/W 10-11 with this sleek camel coat. Call it whatever you want; tan, beige, camel, fudge-brown… these shades are going to be running rife… all responsibility goes to the collections by Phoebe Philo at Celine and Hannah McGibbon at Chloe…

Then there are more colourful elements which for me sum up the spirit of Benetton, that a tried-and-tested staple is offered in every colour under the sun… like these puffa jackets as modelled by David and Plastic is Fantastic, who also is sporting some very cute leopard print ear muffs…

Then there’s the signature knitwear, the jumpers and cardigans that again comes in a plethora of shades… I love the colour combinations of coral, blue and purple layered in an unusual way on Soraya. Elizabeth wears a pink on pink combination that looks stunning with the whimsical roses in her hair…

And the final unique Benetton touch? Some bling bling Benetton logo earrings that were custom made for the shoot and modelled very poorly by me but very well by Janelle

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 I am in love with I am love

by United Blogs of Benetton on: April 20th, 2010

I Am Love (Io Sono L’Amore) finally got its release in the UK and given that I’ve been hearing about the virtues of this film by Luca Guadagnino for months beforehand, it was possible that I could have been crestfallen upon seeing it.

Starring Tilda Swinton (who was also involved with the production and conception of the film…), this is a film set at the turn of the millennium in Milan which depicts an upper class family and follows Emma Recchi (played by Swinton) and her pressure to uphold a powerful dynasty and subsequently, her new found love and freedom via an affair with her son’s chef friend Antonio (played by Edoardo Gabbriellini). Ultimately, it’s about love lost and found as well as family values that is tied to wealth.

It is the aesthetics of this film that separates it from any other Lady Chatterley’s Lover-type storyline. Guadagnino, with the help of costume choices such as Recchi’s character being entirely dressed in Raf Simons’ Jil Sander clothes and production consulting from style figures such as Silvia Venturini Fendi (creative director for the accessories at Fendi), has created a sumptuous visual gorgefest where everything from the interiors of the Recchi house, the carefully shot Milanese backdrop, the clothes, the food cooked by Antonio and the characters themselves hold a raw and visceral kind of beauty.

Recchi’s character particularly resonated with me. Her life as a bourgeoisie housewife may have trapped her spiritually but her natural sense of style and taste conveyed, connecting, food, fashion and interiors made me wonder whether the three are intrinsically linked. If you love one, do you also take care in those other two areas? I’d like to think this is the case, just because it seems silly not to try and apply one’s taste levels to your surroundings and what you eat. I may not be able to consume all three to the highest of levels like Recchi but I can try with all my might.

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 Chained in

by United Blogs of Benetton on: March 15th, 2010

The pearl, the jewels and the attire.

It had to be that either my eyes were playing a trick or I had just witnessed a very clever photoshop technique. Apparently it’s neither seeing as Rese from Germany managed to very convincingly recreate the famous Johannes Vermeer painting Girl with a Pearl Earring looking more like the subject than Scarlett Johansson actually. Those particular Dutch master painting hues infiltrated a particular S/S 09 Dior Haute Couture collection by John Galliano and these painterly colours have since been filtering down exemplified most recently by Richard Nicoll’s texture rich, dusty coloured collection.

  • Rese


    20-year-old girl from Germany

I had to do a double take when I saw Laura from Switzerland’s profile. First off, she’s a dead ringer for Bat for Lashes front lady Natasha Khan. That can only be a good thing of course to channel a little of Khan’s whimsical carefree attitude. Except Laura, whilst bearing some physical resemblance, looks to have a more streamlined style, accentuated by these pared down photos where black dominates and only a glint of embellishment is displayed through the chains on her shoulders. Jewellery designer Bliss Lau is probably responsible for all the ensuing similar designs of body chains that are part jewellery, part attire. Chains of Love has dissected the idea further with a chain that slips off the shoulder in a multitude of ways that reminds me of the shoulders Laura is bearing.

  • Laura


    16-year-old girl from Switzerland

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 Monsters and Man Bags

by United Blogs of Benetton on: February 17th, 2010

Was Floyd a little psychic when he submitted these images and a video of his great moves (nothing like a double summersault to get the adrenaline going…)? I was drawn to his distinctive patterened top that could have been lifted from Dries Van Noten (the ultimate pattern mixer…) archive and also his document bag that doubles up as a satchel. Floyd also looks distinctly comfortable with his document holder/satchel too which isn’t that surprising considering the rise and establishment of the man bag is well and truly completed. Actually, let’s stop using the term ‘man bag’ shall well. A man referring to his bag as a ‘man bag’ needs to be regarded with some suspicion.

I’ve always admired Chris & Tibor as the go-to for bags aimed at guys. They always seem to fuse functionality and a consideration for materials too. For something that’s slightly out of the box though, they are currently taking pre-orders for their amazing collaboration with bonkers menswear designer Walter van Beirendonck, seen on the Paris runways complete with gigantic plastic headphones.

On another note, I really think I need to connect 15 year old Mel Richards who seems to have a penchant for animal-related accessories with amazing knitwear designer Yang Du who has in the past knitted pork chops and giant strawberries to incorporate into her collections. Yang Du always walks the line between the surreal and the ridiculous with her collections which is why her work is always endearing. Her latest S/S 10 collection has plenty of Mickey-Mouse type knitted hats that I think Mel would really appreciate.

Question: What’s your man-bag preference?

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