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by United Blogs of Benetton on: May 23rd, 2010

Show Me Your Wardrobe touched on the different codes of being stylish in varying cities and I’ve recently been thinking about the same. Except by even going an hour or two outside of London, already, I have to re-assess what I’m wearing which technically means, my style could be changing as I physically move outside of the M25 (the border motorway that surrounds London).

Very often I have to go to a little sleepy place called Westgate in Kent where there isn’t much going on apart from pretty beaches and elderly people taking their dogs on very slow walks. There, I feel compelled to keep it fairly simple; all the layers are shed and I just reduce it down to a pretty dress with some sensible shoes. I’m rewarded when the old folks comment “Well, that’s a pretty frock!”.

Recently I was in the countryside in New Forest in a pretty village called Brockenhurst where wild ponies ran and everything was very green. So I too ‘countrified’ my outfits for the occasion. Bring on the cliches of bourgeois country dressing…. tweed, riding boots, lady like scarves… the star here is of course the New Forest pony in the background

Moving further afield to New York where the ‘It’s My Time’ casting shoot took place, given that I ended up staying a bit longer due to the volcanic ash incident, my wardrobe ended up being rather limited and influenced by the slightly more ‘laid back’ and ‘slick’ spirit of the city, I opted for letting pieces like these Loewe leather trousers and vintage shades do the talking…

That said, with all of this environment and adaption to surroundings, I would still maintain that all of these are facets of my style. To be boxed into one specific genre or style is something that severely depresses me and it actually throws up pleasing new challenges to go to a different place to tweak your style. Afterall, I have plenty of time in my home city London where I can go in whatever direction I wish so some constraints outside of the city are sometimes, more than welcome…

Does your style change as you travel the world or move about within your own country?

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