Hackney City Farm

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: December 1st, 2011

As a keen long distance walker and have yet to visit a place or area where I haven’t explored previously, take Hackney City Farm for an example I discovered the farm 4 years ago whilst I was training for half marathon at a nearby park.  At the time of the discovery I never knew London had a small community farm which existed for over 20 years let alone the only animal kingdom is London Zoo located in prestigious Regents Park.  The best thing about this tiny farm is you have an opportunity to get up close to a small range of animals, and the admission is FREE!  Don’t you just love seeing two giant pigs snuggle up together, and sleep soundly on a cold winter afternoon?  Oh yes, pigs do smile when they are asleep.


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 Columbia Road Flower Market, Part 1

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: November 28th, 2011

As a native South Londoner living in North London since early teenhood I never knew flower markets existed in London, despite my lack of knowledge of where you can purchase a bunch of flowers at a bargain price rather a double from a normal high street.  On Sunday, thankfully we had a clear weather but cold, my fellow friends and I embarked on an adventure trip to Columbia Road Flower Market in Hackney in hope to capture the magic atmosphere and the like.

Along a road of Victorian shops and small number of stalls selling bread, cakes, cheese, old vintage/antique wares and unusual items, bric-a-brac, popular with young hungry regulars, tourists and bargain hunters.  I loved seeing a child perched on a window sill selling a tray of home-made fairy cakes, I of course gave the child a 50p to sample her tiny treat.

If you would like to see shots of flower stalls, please stay tuned for part 2.


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 Do you like Vietnamese Food?

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: November 11th, 2011

Oh yes I do!  As a fellow Brit I can’t get enough of authentic Asian food, flavour wise Vietnamese food is the best.  Viet Grill is situated on Kingsland Road in trendy Shoreditch (East London) is one of the most vibrant and busiest Vietnamese restaurants.  My friends and I are frequent customers because it suits our budget, they open from midday through to evening (unlike most Asian restaurants) great if you prefer late lunch.

Above: Vietnamese ice coffee and Summer spring roll.

Vegetarian spring rolls.

Flamed wok chicken and Saigon sate pho.

Cassava vermicelli & shell fish.

Viet Grill, 58 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London, E2 8DP



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 Bill’s Cafe

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: November 3rd, 2011

I’ve stumbled upon this quirky cafe ‘Bill’s‘ in the new St Martin’s Courtyard in Covent Garden whilst meeting friends for light lunch.  Bill’s is a unique cafe and produce store created by a team of people who are passionate about food.  A rustic and modern feeling of wonderful eating and shopping environment, incorporating fresh and organic fruit and vegetables, herbs, groceries and hampers.

The cafe offers an array of enticing colourful homemade cakes, pizzas, pies and sandwiches, as well as wider choice of desserts and salads, made to order juices, smoothies and other beverages.

As it was a lovely warm autumn afternoon we decided to eat outside, I ordered a latte, fish finger sandwich and chunky chips and I can’t express how much I really enjoyed eating traditional British food again.  I will for sure come back again, can’t wait to see how a Christmas decoration in the store would look during the festive season.  Exciting!

Bill’s, St Martin’s Couryard, 13 Slingsby Place, London, WC2

www.bills-website.com Check the website for other branches outside London.


Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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 Late Summer Read: Perfumes, The A-Z Guide

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 13th, 2011

I love being able to laugh myself hard (even to death) whilst reading a book, especially the type of books that are and humourous comedic that I often buy.

I was given this block-sized book with zillions of pages to read for my own entertainment, ‘Perfumes, The A-Z Guide‘ by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.  A mouth-watering non-edible book written about over 400 alphabetically ordered fragrances reviewed by critics and experts. Reviews that are witty, funny, critical, poetic, sympathetic, opinionated and pleasurable. Some of the negative criticism points may sound unforgivable but are compelling because it’s written in an honest, entertaining way.

Here are some abstracts from the book that I find arrestingly funny;


(product name – Anon brand) wood amber.

A studiedly dull, nondescript masculine, a medley of every drone cliché in recent years.


(product name – Anon brand) syrupy rose.

The name must refer to a Chinese takeaway in Newark, the cloying smell to the air freshener in the ladies’ toilet.


(product name – Anon brand) raspberry vanilla.

When I was four and had fever, I was prescribed a fruit-flavored liquid antibiotic, of which I had to swallow several tablespoons at a time.  It took four adults to restrain me and force it into my mouth while I screamed.  It tasted a lot like this.


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 Benetton’s New Look

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: July 29th, 2011

What do you think of Benetton’s redesign of the website? Relaunched just a few days ago, the colourful visual and simple navigation are spot on and true to United Colors of Benetton style.  Let’s take a browse through.

Abundance of categories in their specific colour coded sections, pleased to see banner links of Colors Magazine and Benetton blog.

Womanwear section.

New on the website, a radio station with easy listening songs.

How cool is this? A product guide for customers; product care, clever washing, fabric glossary and the like.

Video section, you can view the behind the scenes, castings.

The Gadget section where you could download screensavers and wallpapers.

Easy to browse Store Locator.

You like?

Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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 Save the polaroid

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: June 25th, 2011

I remember in pre 2008 a standard sized Polaroid 600 was available in major supermarkets, film shops and tourist shops for a mere £10 for a pack of 10 films for any compatible SX-70 and 600 camera series. In February 2008, alarmed by the digital era Polaroid ceased production of all instant film due to decline in use and sales of chemical film plummeted by decelerating rate. Nowadays, you would find the rare Polaroid 600 on Amazon and Ebay for astonishing prices varied from £30 to £60 depending on the age of the film… shocking. Recently I was fortunate enough to find a pack hidden in my youngest sibling’s junk drawer, and I am determined to save the legacy and use it in the right moment of time.

Miraculously, in 2010 a group called the Impossible Project have acquired Polaroid’s old equipment and factory in Netherlands, their aim was to restart production of analogue instant film from the factory’s old colour dyes (dyes are not available anymore) for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010 and onwards.

For more detailed information about the Impossible Project and if you would like to get your hands on their Polaroid camera and film, please check at http://www.the-impossible-project.com and The Photographers’ Gallery in London at http://photonet.org.uk I have bought their films a numerous times, it is an addictive and expensive hobby.

Save The Polaroid!


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 M.I.A. Born Free

by United Blogs of Benetton on: June 28th, 2010

It’s been a good few months since the release of M.I.A.’s ultra controversial but ultimately rewarding video for single Born Free. Her new album ///Y/ has just been released and should prove M.I.A. to be an artist of indelible musical substance as well as a fighter of political emancipation.

In response to her new album, the controversy surrounding the Romain Gavras-directed video, media have suitably followed in Pied Piper fashion. Everyone from the New York Times to Dazed & Confused have featured M.I.A. heavily.

I’m eager to join the M.I.A. loving’ fanfare and say that her ///Y/ could potentially be my album of the year. I particularly like her statement in one of the many interview videos that she has done of late when she says that she doesn’t want to be a Bono-like figure when giving help to causes as some sort of act of philanthropy out of middle class guilt – she’s simply reacting to things she has personally experienced and with that comes visceral and ultimately moving music.

Photographer Ryan McGinley has perfectly captured M.I.A.’s spirit in these images that accompanied the New York Times article – a pity that the article then spiralled into a “He said, She Said” argument between interviewer and her subject…

I also love this short trailer that Dazed & Confused produced for their current June issue which features M.I.A. on the cover – the styling is spot on in the way the clothes move on shoot.



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 My favourite blogs

by United Blogs of Benetton on: June 26th, 2010

Okay, okay, I admit it: I LOVE BLOGS, a lot. There, I’ve said it.
Hours can disappear because I get sucked into the vortex that is the blogsphere – one blog leading you onto another and so on.
I’m sure you know how it is…

I adore getting immersed into the worlds of Scott, Garance, Rumi, Tavi, Tommy, Bryan etc but there are others out there too!

Here are a few of my favourites – what are yours? Let me know, I’d love to find some new ones.


Matthew Eades is a fashion photographer based in London (and, ahem, he’s also my husband).
He does a lot of studio shoots and at the end of a working day he’ll get the model to do a sitting for his personal project, a website/blog called MatthewEadesLondon.com.
The focus of the site (and photography) is all about the model; there is no styling (no clothes at all in fact), no jazzy background or complicated set up, just the beauty of the model in her most natural form. Also, there is no text other than the model’s first name. It’s very pure and clean in aesthetic and sensibility.


Bill is a friend of mine and to put it simply, he is as cool, laid-back and stylish as his blog. He photographs people in a few of their favourite outfits either in their home, or around their neighbourhood (or a combination of the two). If you ever meet Bill the blog makes even more sense, he IS his blog. All the people share a similar aesthetic too, very Brooklyn, NYC.


The title pretty much says it all, but believe me, this is a blog that will have you hooked and howling with laughter. It is sharper than a Louboutin heel and is written by a friend of mine who is keeping herself anonymous for the time being. Read and enjoy…


TV presenter, ridiculously smart and gorgeous to boot. I mean really!
Her blog is fabulous, full of little nuggets of information (did you know that Harmony Korine had made a film about people that like humping trash?), or want the inside scoop on last night’s coolest party/exhibition/award ceremony? Bookmark her blog and enjoy

Jackie Dixon


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 Breathe In This

by United Blogs of Benetton on: June 22nd, 2010

I’m urging all people in London to go check out Antony Gormley‘s exhibition at White Cube Mason’s Yard and specifically to experience his work Breathing Room III and there’s no excuse about time or money as the exhibition is free and if you’re succinct with your experience, it will only really take ten minutes of your time.

Breathing Room III is a spacial awareness installation that artist Gormley has constructed within a gallery space, specific to that space. It is the largest in the series yet as within the interconnecting photo luminescent space frames, the volume is equal to that of the internal gallery space at White Cube.

The work encourages viewers to interact with it, moving around within the frames, observing how depth of field and perspective is completely altered because the frames resemble lines of laser light in the dark. Add to that, there are unexpected jolts of light as well as a dimming and lighting up of the frames to shake up the experience even more.

Gormley admits to wanting to scare people and whilst I wasn’t frightened per se, I was disturbed. There was something very claustrophobic about being trapped inside those frames even though you knew it was just a gallery space with powers to free you. At the same time, you feel an eerie sense of peace when you’re looking at the lines, following them as they seem to go beyond the room, into a dark hole.

It’s trapping and freeing you at the same time. I’m definitely checking it out a few more times before it ends in July.

All photography by David Levene for The Guardian

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