Benetton Style: Cycle Chic

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: January 10th, 2012

Whilst I’m still away on a vacation in Hong Kong I’ve recently taken up cycling as a form of exercise to curb my boredom, being stuck living in a countryside surrounding by its villages, wetlands, mountains, sea and NO SHOPS is rather boring!  Let alone its beautiful green scenery which looks like a 3D watercolour landscape.  Staying away from its traditional cycling clothing (or dull clothing) I wanted to dress in comfort – casual style with a hint of chicness, I’m wearing menswear flannel checked shirt over with Benetton diamond knitted jumper, paired with beige casual trousers and bright purple sneakers, unfortunately my hair needed omph to finalised the whole look.  I wanted to wear lace heeled boots but due to health and safety I decided not to risk the danger of falling over.  Safety comes first!

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Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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