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by United Blogs of Benetton on: May 29th, 2010

Some people who aren’t wholly familiar with British cuisine might laugh at the title of this post. Some people might actually think I’m an incredibly sad individual for being sucked into a television show with this title.
But there it is. I’m OBSESSED with Great British Menu, a TV show on BBC which celebrates the quest for the best of British food where the country’s top chefs (often with Michelin stars) compete for accolades such as cooking for the Queen. This series, they are competing to cook for Prince Charles and the Duchess of York and the challenge is to try and source as many ingredients from their designated National Heritage sites all over Great Britain.

Watch a few episodes and you may change your mind about your conception of ‘British’ food. I’m always personally rather indignant when people scoff at British food as either being bland or worse… disgusting.
What I love about the programme is that it celebrates lost food traditions that both people from this country and those abroad are rediscovering.
Our food culture isn’t as strong as say Italian or French but it is one that needs to be rooted around and unearthed which actually makes it all the more exciting, especially when I go out and eat or cook for myself.

This series, I’m enjoying the rejuvenation of ingredients and combinations that I would never have known about beforehand…

Accompanying rabbit with a shot of real ale…

Using hawthorn essence to flavour a sauce… hawthorn is a type of shrub related to the rose family…

The combination of mackerel and gooseberry… apparently a very well known and classic British combination!

The use of ‘dulls’, a type of seaweed as a flavouring…

Yellowman, a type of honey….

Well, basil and strawberry or pepper and strawberry is bit of a ‘trendy’ thing to do but i never thought to have them all on one plate…! I doubt my skills with a punnet of strawberries could produce anything like this!

What is your perception/idea of British food?

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