Do you like Vietnamese Food?

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: November 11th, 2011

Oh yes I do!  As a fellow Brit I can’t get enough of authentic Asian food, flavour wise Vietnamese food is the best.  Viet Grill is situated on Kingsland Road in trendy Shoreditch (East London) is one of the most vibrant and busiest Vietnamese restaurants.  My friends and I are frequent customers because it suits our budget, they open from midday through to evening (unlike most Asian restaurants) great if you prefer late lunch.

Above: Vietnamese ice coffee and Summer spring roll.

Vegetarian spring rolls.

Flamed wok chicken and Saigon sate pho.

Cassava vermicelli & shell fish.

Viet Grill, 58 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London, E2 8DP


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 Food At Press Events

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: September 2nd, 2011

I have a habit of photographing food i.e snacks, canapés, savouries and other finger food at every press and launch events, this is very typical with fashion bloggers to post food photos on their blogs.  Reason being?  Well, I guess it is because food tend to look well presented, tasty and a work of art, and you’ll never see or eat them next again until 5 events ahead of the calendar.  Popular finger foods like macaroons, cupcakes, sushi, fruits, salad, mini pies are considered popular amongst press, journalists, editors, stylists, bloggers and the like.  The best food I had at a press event was a mini cone of (organic) fish and chips, that was 5 years ago before I had a blog, even though it was 5 years ago I can still taste the flavour.


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 Feast of London

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: June 22nd, 2011

Last week London celebrated the annual Taste of London for four days of summer eating, drinking and entertainment in Regent’s Park, the adult entry ticket for the event didn’t quite match with my taste bud.  The weather has experience some hormonal changes which wrecked my lovely plans for the week, so to make up for the lost schedule I headed for Marylebone Summer Fayre where I normally visit with friends every Summer which (always) guarantees A plus weather and hey it’s FREE entry.  The fayre supports Teenage Cancer Trust, it has been raising awareness for the six years.

There were food and beverage, entertainment, charity, vintage clothing stalls and many more designated to individual colour-themed zones.  I confess the aromatic lured me to the neighbouring stalls and gotten hypnotised by their glossy and sizzling food, hence the enticing food images on here.

Tongue drooling.


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 The Breakfast Club

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: May 13th, 2011

The Breakfast Club. Not the 1985 American teen drama film directed John Hughes not that I have seen it (I was too young to watch the film), but two children of the 80s founded their first cafe in Soho London ‘The Breakfast Club’ in 2005 serving up from traditional English, pancakes, salads, buritos, burgers, wraps and many more.

I discovered the cafe’s Hoxton branch from a friend which became a regular hang out place to have breakfast for lunch (known as brunch, duh), tea, have meetings and all sorts. It is a chillaxing atmosphere where you would spend all day socialise with friends, the staff are helpful, friendly and under pressure when busy. The surrounding furniture, shelving and homeware are either secondhand and vintage, which makes it feel like you’re having breakfast at your local traditional cafe with a funky twist.

There are other branches in London but are often busy depends what time of the day, a mix of locals favours by students, musicians, fashionistas, artists and even celebrities.

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 Great British Menu…

by United Blogs of Benetton on: May 29th, 2010

Some people who aren’t wholly familiar with British cuisine might laugh at the title of this post. Some people might actually think I’m an incredibly sad individual for being sucked into a television show with this title.
But there it is. I’m OBSESSED with Great British Menu, a TV show on BBC which celebrates the quest for the best of British food where the country’s top chefs (often with Michelin stars) compete for accolades such as cooking for the Queen. This series, they are competing to cook for Prince Charles and the Duchess of York and the challenge is to try and source as many ingredients from their designated National Heritage sites all over Great Britain.

Watch a few episodes and you may change your mind about your conception of ‘British’ food. I’m always personally rather indignant when people scoff at British food as either being bland or worse… disgusting.
What I love about the programme is that it celebrates lost food traditions that both people from this country and those abroad are rediscovering.
Our food culture isn’t as strong as say Italian or French but it is one that needs to be rooted around and unearthed which actually makes it all the more exciting, especially when I go out and eat or cook for myself.

This series, I’m enjoying the rejuvenation of ingredients and combinations that I would never have known about beforehand…

Accompanying rabbit with a shot of real ale…

Using hawthorn essence to flavour a sauce… hawthorn is a type of shrub related to the rose family…

The combination of mackerel and gooseberry… apparently a very well known and classic British combination!

The use of ‘dulls’, a type of seaweed as a flavouring…

Yellowman, a type of honey….

Well, basil and strawberry or pepper and strawberry is bit of a ‘trendy’ thing to do but i never thought to have them all on one plate…! I doubt my skills with a punnet of strawberries could produce anything like this!

What is your perception/idea of British food?

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