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by United Blogs of Benetton on: February 23rd, 2010

Something more than a smile

It seems to me that beyond the pouty posing, obvious styling, 100 watt smiles that people have been uploading, there are more than plenty who have also been making the effort to present their profile in the most unique way possible be it through the way their imagery is shot, how they put things together or how their joie de vivre is put across.

I can only assume that Maarineee is an exclaimed version of Marine, which she pretty much conveys with her classic Breton striped tee that whilst is a bit of a French national dress cliche, always comes up trumps in my book for its sheer simplicity. I also love her different polaroid effects that she’s presented in her profile.

  • Bas


    22-year-old guy

There’s much to be said for Photoshop playfulness and Bas has presented himself as a postage stamp, a compiled collage of photos, a negative film strip and a comic book strip. It may be image theatrics but at the very least we get that Bas is indeed ‘fun-loving’.

  • Hanul


    23-year-old girl
    Korea, Republic of

Hurrah for the animated GIF! There’s something very old-school about seeing animated GIFS especially with all the Flash animations etc, but I’m wholly grateful in the case of Hanul as she zips through different head/face accessories in super fast speed as well as running and jumping for joy in the rain with a clear umbrella.

  • Crystal


    16-year-old girl

I’m trying to figure out how Crystal managed to perfect this slanted half-green, half-pink lipstick effect that really accentuates her rosebud mouth. Did she use some sort of a make-shift lip ruler? Oh and miming to ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’ seems to be the surefire way to instant cheer I think.

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