Winner’s Glee

by United Blogs of Benetton on: April 16th, 2010

Susanna Lau, from New YorkIt is in person that all 20 winners from all over the world properly shine and come fully alive, demonstrating why they were chosen as the winners.

At the beautiful Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel overlooking Manhattan, it was clear that the twenty winners had already done a good job of bonding and I think I may have spied an ongoing afterparty after the official event ended.

At the party where plenty of bubbles mixed with bubbly personalities, I quickly honed in on the UK winners. Soraya who lives in London but is half-Ghanian and half-Jamaican was showing some fashion chops with a Margiela-esque black shoulder padded dress and couldn’t contain her excitement over the impending shoot. Her upbringing is reflected in her personal style; “I usually have a lot of African clothes and when I go back home (Ghana) I have stuff custom made. I also mix and match African jewellery with more basic pieces. It’s a bit of London influence and things from Ghana too,” explains Soraya.

Francis also from the UK, also has a distinctive look that comes from being half-Chinese, half-English said friends always pointed out that he should be a Benetton model, which just proves just how iconic the brand’s use of diverse models has become. Francis has recently just quit his waiting job to concentrate on making music despite the financial instability. I salute his braveness.

I also caught bubbly Elizabeth from Hong Kong (also my original hometown…) who captured the colourful spirit of her profile with her dress. Last minute thoughts on being shot by Josh Olins? “I’m so nervous and I feel like such an amateur because his work is so amazing! But you know how they say you should seize the day, so tomorrow I’m just going to be really energised.”

Let the energy roll in at the shoot…

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