by Be-Blogger U.K. on: November 18th, 2011

On Wednesday 16th November at 3pm, something strange has happened, a message of tolerance and peace were being spread in the cities of Rome, Milan, Tel Aviv, Paris and New York.  Alessandro Benetton presented a new institutional campaign called ‘UNHATE’ by Unhate Foundation. Hatred exists in our modern society, this global campaign draws an awareness promoting closeness between people, faiths, cultures, and the peaceful understanding of each other’s motivations, using a global call to action and the latest communication tools.

”While global love is still a utopia, albeit a worthy one, the invitation ‘not to hate’, to combat the ‘culture of hatred’, is an ambitious but realistic objective,” explains Alessandro Benetton.  ”At this moment in history, so full of major upheavals and equally large hopes, we have decided, through this campaign, to give widespread visibility to an ideal notion of tolerance and invite the citizens of every country to reflect on how hatred arises particularly from fear of ‘the other’ and of what is unfamiliar to us.  Ours is a universal campaign, using instruments such as the internet, the world of social media, and artistic imagination, and it is unique, in that it calls the citizens of the world to action.  At the same time, it fits perfectly with the values and history of Benetton, which chooses social issues and actively promotes humanitarian causes that could not otherwise have been communicated on a global scale, and in doing so has given a sense and a value to its brand, building a lasting dialogue with the people of the world.”

Over the past 40 hours or so, heavily absorbing all daily tweets #UNHATE, blog feeds and live updates on Facebook with overwhelming responses to the campaign, mostly positive.  For more information about the campaign please click on the link below.

United Colors of Benetton supports the Unhate Foundation www.unhatefoundation.org


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 Exclusive Benetton event today: Lana Sutra

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: September 6th, 2011

Textured threads intertwined each other to form a structured-meaningful art form ‘the emotion of colour, the cosiness of wool, a warming embrace, a uniting passion’.  Introducing ‘Lana Sutra‘ – a series of 15 installations created by Cuban artist and Fabrica resident, Erik Ravelo.  The installations celebrate love and the desire for equality and sharing – United Colors of Benetton weaves together the threads of innovation, of art, of its story as a leading knitwear manufacturer and of its future.

Today (6th Sept), Benetton is presenting the full series to the international media and fashion community in the respective cities; Istanbul, Milan and Munich.  Worldwide audience are not to worry, the installations will be shown live through the Benetton Live Windows digital showcase in internet and via live streaming.

Each installation is made of plaster sculptures of a man and a woman covered in coloured woollen threads.  The contact between their bodies, where the colours mingle and the thread merge, symbolises the natural love that cancels difference and binds humanity as one.

For more information, please check Benetton Facebook page, Benetton Blogs and updates on Twitter.


Kit Lee, Style Slicker


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 Style and the City

by United Blogs of Benetton on: April 3rd, 2010

All this talk about style has got me thinking about what it means to be stylish in a particular city…Can you be stylish in Milan but fall flat on your face in London with the same look?

Is it possible to be stylish in one city and not in the next? I’m from London, could definitely be more stylish – no, I’m not being all British and modest here, I really could do with having a bit more style in my life, but on the whole I scrub up okay.

In London I even get compliments and have been known to be photographed for the odd street style blog here and there but (of course there is a but) when I am in Brooklyn, for example, I feel like a square.

In Paris, I am not chic enough and in Milan not sexy enough.

Does that make my ‘look’ London-centric or am I just being silly?
Answers on a postcard please…



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