Votes, Votes, Votes

by United Blogs of Benetton on: May 7th, 2010

I won’t say who said this but a somewhat famous British celebrity said “voting is just not that cute anymore”, dismissing the General Election as thought it was a transient trend like footless tights or cowboy boots.

The ironically funny thing of course is that this time round, the General Election in the United Kingdom IS cute and ultimate, important. We have in our hands the most unpredictable election in years as well as the possibility of a ‘hung parliament’ (where no political party as an outright majority) and from talking to people my age and those younger, it seems like all of a sudden, it DOES matter.

Whilst I’ve not been deeply analysing party politics or campaign details, I do know that more so than the last time I was able to vote, my interest has piqued because finally, the issues that are at stake are relevant to me.. I’m currently away in Sydney whilst all the polls have opened in the UK but I organised a postal vote beforehand to ensure that I’d have something of a say. This unnamed celebrity therefore could not be more wrong about voting.

Oh and it can also be INCREDIBLY cute with the help of these Rubbish Mag political finger puppets.

The candidates Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg all get knitted and you most certainly can stick your finger up at whoever you support or don’t as the case may be.

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