I Am Because We Are

by United Blogs of Benetton on: June 17th, 2010

The World Cup has meant a massive spotlight and emphasis has been placed on South Africa but not necessarily on the sartorial treats that the country has to offer. I recently discovered the Smarteez DIY fashion crew from Soweto who go around expressing themselves through their outfits that quite often try and mix African textiles with contemporary dress. I’m wondering what this new generation of post-apartheid stylites are doing right now as World Cup mania has descended onto their country. I’m hoping they’re wearing suitably themed outfits fashioned out of flag colour fabrics…

Then we have this new collection from knitwear design collective The Inoue Brothers. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Japanese brothers Satoru and Kiyoshi Inoue have travelled the world and previously having worked with Andrean knits of Bolivia, they have now turned their attention to the township of Khayelitsha in South Africa. Working with beading ladies they have transferred this craft to organic hemp material t-shirts, making pieces that are 100% made in and around Capetown.

The Inoue Brothers have collaborated with South African music collective Gazelle on the art direction and photography of these look book images that really convey the fun sense of the collection as well as the more serious and earnest intentions of the collection…

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