Flourishing in Florence

by United Blogs of Benetton on: June 23rd, 2010

This is my second time visiting the Pitti Uomo tradeshow in Florence. I already knew it was a hotbed of dapper menswear style, expressed through immaculate tailoring, subtle details and clever accessorising through blogs such as The Sartorialist, who has always championed the street style at Pitti Uomo.

I’m fully aware of the fact that I personally stick out like a sore thumb because a) I’m a girl, b) I’m not Italian and c) well.. just the fact that my clothes don’t fit in at all.

Case in point, I think I may have took it a step too far when I was going around interrogating well to do menswear brands with their subtle detailing and beautiful fabrics whilst wearing an outfit that someone has titled Sugar Sparkles – here I’m wearing a pleather top, an Emma Cook shirt, some Romance was Born tinsel gym shorts, H&M cycling shorts, my new Nicholas Kirkwood sandals, topped off with a printed Swash rucksack.

In contrast, here are the type of gentlemen that have been walking the grounds of Pitti.

All photos by Tommy Ton for GQ.

Oh well, a major FAIL in terms of trying to blend into the background.

But then you spot gentleman like this one here. I’m not sure what it is he does but he turns up on streestyle blogs quite regularly. I’m sure he gets tagged with eccentric, quirky and eclectic much like my style gets tagged with the same things. I love that he does write his own rules in terms of his style, putting his personality out there through his clothes whilst confining himself to the language that underwrites menswear. Unfortunately, womenswear doesn’t have those boundaries and thus you get crazed ensembles such as my tinsel short outing. Actually, why am I saying Unfortunately… – nay, I maintain that I love the boundary less quality of womenswear… and as menswear shows are beginning now in Milan and Paris, perhaps we see the boundaries being erased one by one anyway.

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 What style means to me

by United Blogs of Benetton on: February 16th, 2010

Is It Your Time? The good people at Benetton would like to think so…

They have launched a global casting competition entitled ‘It’s My Time’ – simply upload your picture with some snappy words to let the world know a bit about you and BOOM!
You could become the next Benetton model, fly to New York and get paid for the privilege.

Blogs have made people on the street the new style icons with legions of fans eager to get inspired – just look at The Sartorialist, Garance Dore and Jak & Jil or Tavi, Rumi and Gala.

It seems like a natural progression to make the next face of Benetton an internet find. Scouted via the web, chosen online, viewed by millions and a lot of fun along the way…

So, onto the question in hand – what does style mean to me?

1) Not relying on designer labels

2) Writing a hand-written thank you card

3) Not loosing your temper

4) Speaking to your mum regularly

5) Being able to speak another language

6) Car boot sales and/or flea markets

7) Cashmere

8) Manners

9) To always have a good book on the go

10) Home-cooked pierogi



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