Style Tribes

by United Blogs of Benetton on: April 10th, 2010

So we’ve looked at the virtues of being cool in one city and square in another but what about the confines of your home town? How does your look go down in your neighborhood compared to that of a couple of miles away?

I feel and look at home in London’s Notting Hill and Kensington but if you put me in Shoreditch I stick out like a sore thumb – my clothes are too safe, my hair is too plain and I just don’t look like I belong. If I’m in Knightsbridge I’m not shi shi enough and as for me in the country apparently it’s obvious I am From London. I was up in Newcastle a few weeks ago and because I don’t wear much make-up you could spot me a mile away. Style Tribes – each to their own. As long as you’re comfortable in your own skin it doesn’t really matter does it…

Here are a few examples of people I have shot that in my opinion are great ambassadors for their neighborhood, the question is can you guess where they live by the way they dress?




Dani and Annette



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