Who Do You Think You Are?

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 19th, 2011

I have been following ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ series for the past 8 seasons, a British genealogy documentary programme follows each of celebrity on a journey to trace his and her family tree.  With interesting twists and turns, emotional highs and lows, unexpected surprises and tragic or privilege beginnings and endings vice versa.

This type of programme gives us a rare glimpse of celebrity’s true character, personality and personalities rather emphasise their celebrity persona and celebrity text.  It’s always fascinating to discover one of those who has direct royal bloodline like our London Mayor Boris Johnson, who is directly descended from the House of Orange and House of Hanover line.

I come from two strong mixes of heritages, Chinese (including descended from royalty) and Jamaican with long complicated stories from dethronement, migration and immigration, slavery, intermix marriages and many more.   I could even write a novel starting from two thousands years ago to today.  This unique programme gives us a lesson on how much we must appreciate our heritage and family background, no matter where we’re standing and current status.   Family is a symbol of unity and shelter.


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 London in crisis

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: August 10th, 2011

In light of recent shocking events with rampant violence of the rioting happening in London over the past few days, London and other capitals in England under threat with senseless, bored, young offenders spreading fears and mass chaos, attacking our streets, communities, damaging residential and commercial properties by looting, robbing passersby and worst of all setting buildings on fire. This is hijacking and catalytic needless attack.

It is very sad to see my home city in such a state and hearing of those livelihoods gone up in flames and crumbled into ashes.  Please help us clean up those mess left by the criminals, greatly appreciated.


All photos via www.guardian.co.uk


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 Feast of London

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: June 22nd, 2011

Last week London celebrated the annual Taste of London for four days of summer eating, drinking and entertainment in Regent’s Park, the adult entry ticket for the event didn’t quite match with my taste bud.  The weather has experience some hormonal changes which wrecked my lovely plans for the week, so to make up for the lost schedule I headed for Marylebone Summer Fayre where I normally visit with friends every Summer which (always) guarantees A plus weather and hey it’s FREE entry.  The fayre supports Teenage Cancer Trust, it has been raising awareness for the six years.

There were food and beverage, entertainment, charity, vintage clothing stalls and many more designated to individual colour-themed zones.  I confess the aromatic lured me to the neighbouring stalls and gotten hypnotised by their glossy and sizzling food, hence the enticing food images on here.

Tongue drooling.


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 Victoria & Albert Museum

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: June 15th, 2011

Victoria & Albert is one of my most visited museums when I started my fashion studies at the London College of Fashion, I visited the museum regularly nearly every week to attend their lectures and seminars, exhibitions and research.  I was a member of ‘friend’ with the museum for 4 years, partly I greedily wanted to use their ‘friend’ discount to get into their exhibitions without paying full price…I was a really poor fashion student.  Victoria & Albert museum has everything that any art and design students to be inspired by their enormous collections, categories from medieval sculpture, fashion, photography architecture and the like, it could be for your art and design research, inspiration for your up and coming fashion collection, sketching or simply enjoy what they have had collected and commissions over the past hundreds years.

What are you inspired by in everyday life?  I have a penchant for old gothic and derelict buildings with elaborate detailing and murals.



Framework and limestone heads.

Their stunning Victorian garden.

Architecture and models.


Glassware, china and ceramics.


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 Head North

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: May 21st, 2011

A while ago I headed to Leeds as an invitation press trip for two days to explore the city side of fashion retail, their love of vintage clothing and lifestyle.  Leeds city (capital of the North) is located in West Yorkshire, England the town centre may look humungus on the map but is actually a short walking distance from the main railway station to the main shopping district.

Leeds is known for it’s mix of arts, culture, architecture and style. It has it’s fair share of unique history of industrial revolution where dominate industry like wool, flax, engineering, iron foundaries and printing were vital part of trading.  I became drawn to their charming architecture and admired it’s original feature at the Victoria’s Quarter home to high fashion brands, and Kirkgate Market the largest indoor market in Europe. The are Henry Moore Institute, Leeds Art Gallery and Royal Armouries for art and history lovers like myself and I loved how the old historic building and monuments stand itself so attractively and scenic without dominated by the views of neighbouring modern buildings.

If you fancy heading up north, be sure to check out Leeds Live it Love it website for information for travel and visitors.

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 Fancy a cuppa?

by Be-Blogger U.K. on: May 3rd, 2011

Twinings – UK’s popular tea brand (Limited Edition – Earl Grey tea blend to commemorate the Royal wedding, courtesy of Twinings)

Do you drink tea?

Yes I do every single day.  Tea is an essential part of our daily life and it is nation’s favourite beverage (that’s a fact), popular with the young of all ages and as for me it keeps me sane and stimulated I can’t imagine life without it.  Some may see it as bland in taste as well it is seen as fashionable drink, tea also refer to herbals an infusion of leaves, flowers, fruit and herbs – various in flavours from oolong, jasmine, mint, ginger and the like.  Some even like to have honey or sugar added to acquire taste.

Caffeinated/decaffeinated tea with added milk and sugar (yes it’s the one with a tea bag you brew in a teapot or cup with hot boiling water) is another nation’s favourite part of UK tea culture, routine and tradition – serve in the morning, afternoon or tea break.  As an avid tea addict of ten years I have mine six times a day (highly not recommended), drinking tea whilst blogging, watching tv, have friends round or have it in local cafe and even when I’m bored, it may not sound fascinating but it keeps you hydrated and helps stimulate your mind!

If you’re interested in looking back the history, health benefits and facts about tea check out UK Tea Council.

Fancy a cuppa tea?

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